Indigo - a 3-Day class with Elin Noble

The Fascinating World of Blue, Brown, and White

This three-day class will engage indigo dye from two vantage points. We will begin by applying indigo on cellulose cloth (cotton, linen, hemp, ramie). After that we will selectively remove indigo through a series of resist techniques. 

The first day of the course we will make an indigo vat and dye cloth creating a variety of blue hues. On the second and third day we will use paste and clay resists in addition to stitched, wrapped, and clamped resists. We will create a variety of imagery, focusing on blue on brown, blue on white, white on blue, brown on blue, or a combination of all of these. 

We will remove the indigo dye using potassium permanganate, which first leaves the background color in varying shades of brown. Further processing removes the brown, leaving the background color white with an indigo blue pattern. 

We will cover how to maintain an indigo vat as well as safe and effective methods for using the discharge products. 


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