vol / full2-Daagse Workshop met Janise Yntema

Explore the Nuance of Landscape in Encaustic Wax

Explore the nuance of Landscape in this two-day workshop focusing on the multi-faceted qualities of encaustic wax. Landscape is one of the most versatile and personal of painting genres and this course will cover a wide variety of techniques and approaches in guiding students to discover and develop their own unique aesthetic practice.

We will investigate what can designate landscape: from the positions of pure colour, the drawn and inscribed line to the textural, to include the incorporation of drawing, digital media, collage and mixed media.   Composition, perspective, and the psychology of the horizon will be explored as well as how colour frames the translucency of light. An additive/reductive approach is encouraged. Students will learn to expand their encaustic practice with the incorporation of paint sticks.

All levels are welcome.

Ieder werkt apart op een eigen of geleende smeltplaat!

Deze workshop wordt gedeeltelijk gesponsord
door R&F Handmade Paints (USA)


Inschrijven niet mogelijk

graag het volgende meebrengen.

- 4 panels 20 cm x 20 cm *
(1 pre coated with encaustic gesso or pre-glued with water colour paper)

-2 panels 15 cm x 15 cm *

  • R&F encaustic paints *

  • R&F encaustic medium *

  • R&F paint sticks *

  • Torch for fusing *

- Palette Cups* or Small aluminum baking pans for holding melted wax.

- a selection of Flat Natural bristle brushes*
  in a variety of sizes (small to 5 cm)

- a collection of tools for incising which can include wood carving tools,
  pocketknives, nails, etc

- drawing and watercolour supplies

- One sided razor blades

- Removable painter’s tape

- Medium grade sand paper

- Cutting mat+ruler+knife

- Matt board 20 cm x 40 cm

A collection of landscape images for inspiration to include:

One hand drawn/painted on heavy weight watercolour paper (larger than 25 x 25) using pencil/coloured pencil, ink or watercolour (pourous materials, not wax crayons, oils or acrylics)

One photo-based landscape image printed on cotton or rag paper (300+/- gram) (larger than 25 x 25)

*) deze materialen zijn op de dag zelf in mijn studio/shop te koop
de smeltplaten kunnen worden geleend (2 personen samen werken)

Omdat iedereen apart werkt mag er ook op paneeltjes van 30x30 of 40x40 cm worden gewerkt i.p.v. 15x15 of 20x20 cm!
Graag ruim van tevoren bestellen als je deze bij mij wilt aankopen.