3D Textile - Wearable Origami

2-Day workshop withTine De Ruysser (Be)

Tine De Ruysser uses the technique of folding on various materials.  She creates surprising and exciting designs from textiles, wood or paper. Flat materials are transformed as if by magic into precious objects or jewelry.

During this 2-Day workshop your tutor will guide you thru the stunning world of origami: so simple yet very complex!

Tine will give a lecture about how she uses tessellating origami patterns and a combination of materials to create 3D laminated textiles.

On day one you will learn how to create your own folding patterns in paper and tyvek® (a synthetic non-woven, that behaves almost like paper).

On day two you will make your own textile laminate, using a vinyl cutter and heat press. For this Tine will provide you with a suitable folding pattern.

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Please bring the following materials:

a long metal ruler, a pair of scissors (for cutting paper) and textile scissors
a craft knife
paper glue (pritt-stick), tape and super glue
a ballpoint pen and pencil
a cutting mat
needle and thread tweezers, if possible with a sharp point
a tool for scoring paper: an empty ballpoint pen or other blunt object
a roll of baking paper (not greaseproof paper)

1 sheet of Tyvek 75 gr.  (size to be discussed)
thin polyester fabrics*  -light colours if you want to try transfer printing  -dark colours (not suitable for printing)

transfer paint (optional)*+ brushes (or ready-prepared paintings of transfer paint on paper)

the materials marked * are for sale during the workshop. Polyester fabrics are only available in white at the workshop.

Note: there is a lab fee for the special laminating foils and the tyvek