4-Day workshop with Lia Rothstein

Encaustic + Cold Wax Together = Sensational Synergy

The Whole Ball of Wax: Hot, Cold, 2D, & 3D! 

In this four-day workshop you’ll explore encaustic and cold wax painting and how, in combining the two materials, unique textures and effects can be achieved that are not possible with each wax alone. The advantages of combining the materials, safe practices, and limitations will all be explored in-depth. We’ll use the strengths of both hot encaustic wax and cold wax mixed with pigments and oils to show how their use together creates new and exciting opportunities for artists and how to use each medium to its fullest potential. Participants can work on cradled encaustic panels, encaustic monotypes on paper and fabric, and on their own photographs mounted on panels using encaustic and cold wax paints to enhance and extend the meaning of their work. In addition to working on 2-dimensional surfaces by painting and mark-making with a variety of tools, we will explore how to work sculpturally with our monotypes and other painted materials on the final workshop day. Methods of attaching separate components and options for hanging sculptural works, as well as other technical considerations, will all be addressed.  

We’ll cover how to prepare your panels and/or your own photographs and papers for working on paintings/mixed media artworks with the waxes, how to add collage elements to your work, and much, much more. Instruction in different methods of mounting photographs and encaustic monotypes will be covered. We’ll have access to palettes for creating encaustic monotypes on paper and fabric in class. Come prepared for some exploratory fun with these versatile painting materials! 

Please note:
Basic knowledge of encaustic painting or permission of the instructor is required to register for this class. No prior knowledge of cold wax painting, working on photographs, sculpture, or creating encaustic monotypes is needed, however. We will be covering these topics fully in this workshop.




Note to Students: During this workshop we will be working with a wide variety of materials. You will be able to use cold wax on top of encaustic monotypes (created in the workshop and/or ones you bring from home), on encaustic paintings created on primed wooden panels (again, you can bring some you’ve already done and there will be working time in class for the creation of more), and, if desired, on top of your own printed and mounted photographs you bring to the workshop (which works beautifully). I encourage you to experiment with as many of these options as possible. If you have any questions after reading through the materials’ list, (especially regarding the preparation of photographs for the workshop), please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at lia.rothstein@gmail.com with a cc to kvvught@zijdelings.com

List of materials will follow.
How to prepare images for the class will be instructed in a personal email closer to the date (for registrated students only!)

This workshop will be sponsored by R&F