Bogolan - Painting with African Mud

1-dags workshop met Rosalie van Deursen (NL)

This workshop is an introduction to a traditional West African painting technique: Bogolan. Painting with mud on canvas with only natural African pigments from trees and mud from Mali. The bogolan technique will be presented in the cultural-historical context of Mali. Working in collectives with a lot of symbolic references is a working method and concept not frequently seen in Western societies. Participants can get acquainted with the technique during this one day workshop from 10am - 5pm on Wednesday October 26th 2011. 

Participants will sketch designs on paper and on prepared (with natural pigments) canvas, then paint with natural pigments such as bogo (= mud), n'galama (yellow) and n'peku (red) from leaves and bark from trees from Mali and mud from the river Niger. Each layer should be rinsed and dried and then the next color / layer can be put on the canvas. Mixing the natural pigments creates a rich range of colors. It is a wonderful natural process: the pigments once put on the canvas are irreversible. If time permits we will also bleach parts of the canvas removing color with soap.

This workshop is for all levels. Spoken language: English


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This class is related to ECOVISION, the 2nd Conference organised in
Tilburg for the European members of the Surface Design Association.

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costs of prepared cotton, mud and dyes for use in the workshop are included.
list of materials to bring yourselves will be posted soon on this website page.