vol / fullCombining Two Ancient Media: Paper & Encaustic

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Catherine Nash (USA)

Stain, paint, stamp, embed, layer, stitch, crumple, fold, form and dip:  Combine encaustic and paper to create unique waxed based paintings, collage, assemblage and mixed media sculptural works.  Learn how encaustic techniques offer a range of two and three dimensional possibilities.

Participants will draw and paint encaustic on papers, use encaustic to dip for translucency or encase an object, learn to use wax as an adhesive and layer it for visual depth, transfer photocopy imagery and much more.  Use a wide variety of purchased papers including recycled paper elements, old book pages, photographs, vintage letters and envelopes, magazine imagery, and small 3D objects...

We will also explore the sculptural potential of integrating paper and encaustic: design folded, cut, or embossed sheets for a springboard to creating three dimensional unique constructions.  We will learning how to carefully glue Japanese mulberry paper to lashed wooden armatures and make them as tight as a drum.  Encaustic can be used to lightly stain and strengthen the structure or it can completely envelop and encase the paper.  Learn how to fuse onto both convex and concave surfaces as we create structures that range in form from the organic to architectural.  Complete a series of small studio constructions that will inspire and ignite diverse sculptural ideas.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

materiaal lijst

voor wie al werkmateriaal/gereedschap heeft:
* je eigen smeltplaat plus thermometer
* je eigen hot wax art stylus
* 'embossing' heatgun
* metalen lineaal
* R&F 'cake'bakjes om was/paint etc in te smelten
* Encaustic paint blokjes

daarnaast heeft Catherine het volgende opgegeven:
* apron / painting clothes
* metal tweezers
* small pair of scissors
* 2 to 3 natural bristle brushes such as HAKE and hardware store (1/2, 1 and 2 inches)
* a few of your favourite tools that you love to use
* some of your favourite black/white and colour media for working on paper: graphite pencils or sticks, travel watercolours, brushes for water-media, oil pastels (we can share!?)
* roll of sturdy alu foil
* two printing barens for monoprinting **
* glue brush (kleine spalter)
* twine, cording for lashing any colour or varied your choice (linen or hemp) 8-10 mtrs worth
* do bring a great writing pen, preferably waterproof and a sketchbook for taking notes
* any elements that you know you love to use in general, such as fabric, twines, raffia (but no more than a small bag full)
* bring branches or find them in Tilburg! Catherine will arrange to have an armload full, so don't worry about it....but if you are at home and driving and have some special wood that you'd like, bring 3-8 branches. We will use them for making small armatures.

* photos/images of 5-10 pieces of recent work that you feel represents your direction.  You can print them out or have them on an i-pad.  These works can be in any media...they do not have to just be encaustic.
* a small pouch that holds a variety of papers and other items , for collage, etc.
* old watercolour (not acrylic) paintings on paper (if you have them) that you don't mind ripping up.
* photocopies or photographs of imagery that inspires you.  Do a web search or thumb through your favorite books.  

NB  Wij zullen zorgen voor een variatie van speciaal papier. Dit wordt voor jullie klaargemaakt op verzoek van en door Catherine.
De kosten daarvan worden hoofdelijk omgeslagen. Dit geldt ook voor het encaustic medium (wordt aangemaakt in 1 gezamenlijke waspot)
De printing barens zijn ter plekke te koop zijn, evenals de HAKE kwasten, de encaustic tools, de wassoorten etc.
De wasblokjes (encaustic paint) zijn persoonlijk en apart aan te schaffen op de dag zelf.

PS - voor wie geen smeltplaat heeft, graag overleg ivm het klaarzetten. Er zijn beperkt platen+thermometers te leen.
er wordt overigens twee-aan-twee gewerkt, dus platen moeten gedeeld worden.
het overige gerief dient te worden aangeschaft en kan niet worden geleend.