2D Lasercut Jewelry workshop

o.l.v. Lise Lefebvre (Fr)

This workshop is an introduction to textile jewelry made using laser-cut fabric elements. Iconic jewelry shapes such as pearls, beads, chains, diamonds, charms, rings, corsages and brooches are precisely cut out from suitable fabrics to be combined in your finished jewelry set.

During the workshop you will get to combine, stack, puzzle and assemble your own necklace, ring, and bracelet or brooch, from various fabrics and vynil, to create a contemporary 2-D "flat jewelry" set.

You will get to use templates and pre-cut shapes to design your own composition, which will then be digitized and laser-cut for on the Graphixscan.

The day will be divided between design sessions where you create and assemble your own piece, and production sessions on the Graphixscan, where you laser out your own design. This base can then be enriched with additional layers of cut out elements.

The participants take turn to laser their own shape at the graphixscan, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In the meantime, they work on their own design in the workshop room, and are also invited to visit the museum's exhibition and/or library for further inspiration.

A selection of pre-tested and suitable fabrics will be available for the participants to choose from for their own design, as well as pre-designed and digitized basic forms and jewels.


deze workshop is voor alle niveau's
voertaal tijdens de les is Engels

er wordt uitsluitend gewerkt met stoffen die door Lise van tevoren zijn getest en geschikt bevonden.
e.e.a. om zoveel en zo vlot mogelijk te kunnen laseren.