Felted wool fabrics: design and construction

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Jean Cacicedo (USA)

Wool is unique to all fibers as it can be transformed by using water, pressure and agitation. In this workshop we utilize the shrinking of wool fabrics as both a surface to work into and a structure to piece and form. Techniques include reverse applique, devore, line drawings sewn into wool, and cutting, piecing and slashing knits.

The technique of reverse appliqué and lap seam construction will be highlighted. These methods for piecing fabrics are techniques Jean has developed in her work to create seamless like constructions.

We will begin by working on samples with various techniques in preparation for a final project. Throughout the first 2 days, we will work with both pre felted fabrics as well as transforming some un shrunken wool cloth, that we will shrink later.

A collection of samples will later provide materials for a final project. Jean will supply patterns that students can trace off onto paper or students can invent their own pattern for a project. Choices for projects may include a hat, bag, or pillow.

This is a fast paced workshop emphasizing the creative potential of designing with felted fabrics for both 2D and 3D design.

Basic sewing skills are required.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

list of materials
pls bring the following:

  • SEWING MACHINE - Oiled, ready for sewing.
    Medium to Heavy weight sewing machine needles.
    OPTIONAL: double needle, a walking "quilters' " foot attachment.
  • FABRICS - all unwashed
  • WOVENS :
    1m unwashed wool. 2 colors, ½ m each each (heavier quality)
    1/2 m leight weight raw woven wool or ' muslin'
  • KNITS:
    1m unwashed 100% wool fine gauge
    1/2m or strips of fine gauge knit 
    any wool yardage/blankets/sweaters for experiments (pls bring yourself)
    YARNS   assortment of thick and thin (black) one ply for drawings in wool
  • Foam pad + punch/felting needle
  • optional - Embellisher/Happy Lock punchmachine
  • pce of tempex (1,5/2cm thick) to stretch your wet knitwear

    We will  have fabric available for purchase -  preferably to order in advance
    Also, Look into your local 2nd hand stores for wool blankets or sweaters!
    Please Note: There is a shrink factor for each type of fabric, so all wool must be untreated (no superwash finish)
  • Sewing thread, cloth tape measure, pins, scissors 
  • Design tools:
    • Pattern  Paper - you can use white butcher paper or even brown bags.
    • Sketchbook: bound or spiral book. 8"x10" approx. size.
    • Soft pencils  (2b, 4b), black permanent marking pen, eraser, paper scissors, tape, and removable tape.