vol / fullFolds For Clamp-Dye Resist

3-daagse workshop o.l.v.Elin Noble (USA)

Itajime shibori, or clamp-resist dyeing, is based on wooden boards held on either side of accordion folded cloth, then dyed.

This class is an in depth exploration of how the different folds, and the location, shape, and size of the wood boards, influence the overall pattern.

We will use Procion MX fiber reactive dyes on cellulose fibers (cotton, rayon, Tencel, hemp and linen) as well as silk.

We will cover the basics: learn why the different products are used and when to use them.

We will also talk about safety, color mixing, fabric selection and preparation. 

You will leave with dozens of dyed examples and the ability to further explore your personal pattern vocabulary.

There will be a labfee for the dyes and chemicals used.

itajime shibori

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

pls bring the following:

Sharp scissors

permanent black marker, such as "Sharpie" or "Rub-A-Dub" for name marking

any clamping devices you wish to bring (c-clamps, bulldog clips, squeeze/spring clamps, bag clips, etc.) When looking for spring clamps - choose the plastic covered ones, not the ones with metal showing and rubber tips (I use clamps that are around15cm and 23 the most). The fabric and blocks will need to fit between the jaws of the clamps.

Wood or plexi blocks - to clamp fabric in between, choose round, square, and rectangle shapes. You need each shape in pairs, bring 2 sets of each shape, for example 4 rectangle shapes. The blocks should be about 5-10cm on one end - square or rectangular.

8 or more pair of bamboo chop sticks

Small spray bottle, such as a plant mister

rubber bands - a generous hand full

roll or pad of rice paper, or other light weight paper to make test (and remember) folds and block placement possibilities.

Rubber gloves (Playtex-type household gloves that are at least 10-13cm above your wrist)

smock/apron, work clothes, even old shoes

Questions, ideas, and desires

Fabric: this will also be for sale during class in my studio.
But you are welcome to bring yourselves
5 meters of PFD white, or light colored, washed 100% cotton (mercerized cotton fabric is ideal), silk, linen, hemp or rayon. Cut 2 of the yards into fat quarters (approximately 45cm x 55cm).

Pls note there will be a labfee for pmx dyes and chemicals used and shared during the course!