Its Not All Black and White

o.l.v. Cas Holmes

Workshop contents: 

Its not all Black and White explores the serendipity of design with found papers and paint/drawing media.

We start with black and white mark-making and images (printed as photocopies) which are collaged together. From these we isolate areas to start new pieces as part of a design process.

You need black and white photocopies, images and text relating to your theme reflecting your own personal diary, memories of a place, writing, experiences as a starting point.

What Students will achieve:

An understanding of the qualities of found paper as a means to aid design work and for direct use in textiles. Creative exploration which could be used as a starting point student' own practice for textile based work and mixed media, collage, stitching, 3-D, books or sculptural work.

This workshop can be taken separately or as a linked workshop with the next 2-day workshop 

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

Student preparation - Materials to bring:

Select images, photocopies and details of old work, textures of interest to work with. This could be on any theme, nature, the world around us, family something which makes you tick.

Useful materials:
A variety of paper/fabric (brown paper, cartridge paper, tissue etc)

At least 3 sheets of A3 cartidge or drawing paper.

Dry and wet colouring materials ( Acrylic paints, wax crayons/pencils/pens/watercolour paints, inks...whatever you have) in black, white and one colour of your choice,

Drawing materials, crayons wax crayons oil pastels etc 

P.V.A (white glue,) or glue sticks.

Brushes, containers, objects to print or make marks with.

Black and white drawing materials (felt pens, pens, dry media but not charcoal or chalk.)

Craft knife, scissors, newspaper.

An A5 or small spiral bound sketchbook landscape (when open should be not larger than a sheet of photocopy/inkjet paper A4 size. Please have about 110-140 gsm paper weight, lighter paper not good enough quality. (students can use existing sketchbooks whatever the scale if they already have them).
Camera or tablet

Aprons and plastic gloves
Masking tape and paper towels(kitchen paper)