Joomchi & Beyond

3-daagse workshop met Jiyoung Chung (Korea)

JOOMCHI is a unique Korean traditional way of making textured handmade paper by using water, and eager hands. The terminology originated from the meaning, "making a Joomoney (Pouch)". Record says that the Koreans started making Joomchi in Chosun Dynasty, 1932-1910.

This workshop offers participants the opportunity to become acquainted with its history, practice and role in Korean society, as well as the hands-on techniques and many other usages of the form.

Joomchi creates strong, textural and painterly surfaces by layering and agitating Hanji (Korean mulberry papers). Its usages are diverse and it can be incorporated into surface design, collage, new way of drawing self-standing object: 2-D & 3D either functional or fine art oriented such as self-standing or suspended sculpture; surface design; and functional objects such as lamps, space dividers, purses, garments.  The possibilities are endless!

Day 1:   Experience the Traditional way of making Joomchi 
Applications & Functional daily life objects like:

*Folding pouch
*Paper clothing etc.

Day 2: Experience Jiyoung Chung's way of making Joomchi
Applications such as:
*new way of creating paper painting/drawing/collage
*self-standing or suspended sculpture
*unique surface design
*functional daily life objects like baskets, lamp, space divider, panel, etc.

Day 3: Play Day: Explore the endless possibilities in Joomchi
it can be functional or sculptural or fine art oriented.
Creating a piece in either Traditional or contemporary Joomchi.
The students will be challenged in creative thinking from the previous lessons learned, and will implicate their skills in creating a new piece.
For those who are inclined to produce experimental swatches, this can be used in replacement of one final piece.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

graag volgende materialen zelf meebrengen (1" = 2,54cm)

voorbeeld werkmateriaal

* Big water sprayer with adjustable nozzle 
* one corrugated plastic board (size: smallest 20"x 30" or longer)
* two large used towels (larger than the corrugated plastic boards)
* one wooden dowel - ¾" min diameter x 24" min length
  (Dowel = cylinder shaped round wooden stick = should be straight, curved ones will not work.)
* Waterproof apron
* Thin lab gloves and hand lotion, if your skin is sensitive to dyes.
   We will be working with water all day long.
* Scissors / Paper cutter / Ruler
* Sketchbook or a few white copy papers + Drawing tools such as
   pencils, permanent markers (various thickness and colors if possible),
   charcoal (stick and powdered, optional); etc... for concept development
* A pack of assorted colour tissue paper
* 6 of 24"x 36"various coloured 100% mulberry papers (medium thickness)
* couple of mild textured and printed mulberry papers
   (mostly thin and medium thickness and a few thick papers)
* A 24" x 36" white mulberry papers
* A few (Ziploc brand) sandwich bags
* Paper scraps you have such as rice or cotton paper, newspaper, printed paper, 
   and/or scrap paper that does not have any surface coating. more is merrier
* Various colored  and thickness threads + needles
* and collage materials for decorating paper surface.
* 2" width chip flat brush, a small plastic cup/bucket for water (at least 3" wide)
* Bubble wrap(small bubble - about 8 yards/meter; larger bubble - about 4 yards/meter), packing tape
* 4"cheap flat paint brush 

non stick able paper materials such as foil sheets, grocery bags, soft and bendable plastics (holiday decorations) / different colored manicure

supply fee (to be paid cash directly to the instructor) $ 30 per student 
(for 5 Hanji's = 100% Korean Mulberry Paper)
    ca. 21/22 euro pp