Korean Bojagi Forum 2012

International Bojagi Conference

The Korea Bojagi Forum 2012 offers a meaningful and comprehensive multicultural survey of Bojagi, the Korean folk art of making wrapping cloths, Four days of lectures, workshops, and tours will explore bojagi's origins, historical background, materials, uses, and creative transformations.  Conference sessions will take place in Heyri Artists Community, a unique settlement of artists, designers, and architects located on the outskirts of Seoul.  One-day workshops taught by Korean artists offer hands-on learning of traditional Korean textile and papermaking techniques, and traditional natural dyeing.  Numerous exhibitions will explore both Korean and international interpretations of this art form.

The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Hur Donghwa, Director of the Museum of Korean Embroidery. Dr Hur is the original collector of traditional bojagi and has exhibited his collection throughout the world.  His collecting and exhibition efforts were instrumental in preserving and popularizing the art of bojagi-making. 

International speakers will include  Anais Missakian, Dean of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, USA;  Maria Tulokas, Emerita, Rhode Island School of Design, USA;  Jennifer McCabe, Director, Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, CA, USA; Kirsi Niinimaki, Professor, Aalto University School of Art and Design, Finland;  Wendy Lugg, Independent Scholar/artist/writer/public speaker, Perth, Australia; Jiseon Lee Isbara, Chair, Fiber Department, Oregon College of Art & Craft, Portland, OR USA; Gul Porte,  Consultant to European Patchwork Meeting (EPM), France; and Hiroko Watanabe, Emerita, Dama Art University, President of NPO International Textile Network, Japan.

Workshop topics include a traditional wedding bojagi, Korean- style quilting techniques, traditional Korean garment-making,  joomchi or layered ‘felted' paper, contemporary paper fans and brooches, stitching on found objects, and natural dyes of Korea.

Group exhibitions include an international invitational ‘Bojagi and Beyond' exhibition, a Korean and American quilt show,  and a Bojagi exhibition by RISD students.  Individual artist exhibitions include works by Kyungae Wang (Korea), Fiona Kirkwood (South Africa), Nancy Crasco (USA) and Nina Bondeson (Sweden).

A tour to galleries in Seoul and the Dongdaemun Fabric Market is part of the Forum. Planned pre- and post-conference tours include a Seoul City tour, and a tour to Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, an UNESCO-designated cultural site. 

Conference program and registration information can be found on http://www.handsofkorea.com/, and Forum updates are posted on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bojagi.in.seoul.
For more information: 2012kbf@gmail.com.

CONFERENCE DATES: 22-26 August 2012

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