Leentje van Hengel (NL)

Leentje van Hengel is the owner of Tinctoria.

The studio annex shop with natural dyes was started in 1991 in the old centre of Amsterdam. Boutique products are manufactured and sold here. Special commissions are dyed for designers.

Many years Claudy Jongstra depended on Tinctoria. Currently Thomas Eyck products designed by Christien Meinderstma are dyed here.

short bio: Leentje van Hengel
born 12-11-1956, Amsterdam
WSCAD, BA Printed Textiles
10 years of designing textile patterns (free-lance)
1991 Setting up textile studio, Tinctoria.NL with natural dyes.
2007-2010 Forale, Zutphen (small industrial workshop for natural dyed textiles)

for more information pls check www.tinctoria.nl

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