Linda Hanssen (NL)

Linda is curator of textiles at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam. As an anthropologist she is specialized in the material culture of South East Asia. At the museum she realized several exhibitions with a broad variety of subjects. The research and exhibitions are focused on the function and meaning of textile within a society. Field research was done in West Sumatra, on the goldthread textiles of the Minangkabau. In 2005 she received a scholarship from the Japan Foundation for the research on traditional textiles of Japan and Okinawa.

She was editor in chief of magazine Textiel Plus for 4 years and since 8 years  she is guest teacher at the Master's Fashion in Arnhem for the course: Anthropology in relation to Dress, Costume and Fashion and the specialization Curation.

With a focus on innovation based on the traditional textiles she researches at the moment the contemporary developments within the wide spectrum of  textile. She shapes this through lectures, publications, teaching and exhibitions in Holland and abroad.

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