Melding Experiences: New Landscapes Using Disperse Dyes and Transfer Printing

2daagse workshop o.l.v. M.T. Wisniowski (Aus.)

This two day workshop is an introduction to the dye sublimation process (transfer printing) and melds participants experiences as valuable resources to create new artistic landscapes using disperse dyes.


Participants create their own custom dyed fabric using disperse dyes via direct imaging, experimental and layering exercises. We apply painted, textured, printed imagery onto papers with disperse dyes and then transfer print them to polyester and blended synthetic fabrics to create a suite of color and pattern studies via an iron or heat press.


Participants will be introduced to the tutor’s various signature techniques which include working with multiple resists, layering and texture studies employing various media.
The workshop will also include the tutor’s signature MultiSperse Dye Sublimation (MSDS) technique featuring multiple layering and resists employing flora as ‘the thematic’ experience. The MSDS works imbue richly colored, textural, painterly and vibrant 3-dimensional imaging to the cloth surface.

In summary, a fun and exciting workshop, where instruction and experimentation forges the potential of each participant.

With these new skills you will be able to collage, layer, applique, hand & machine embellish your newly made fabrics into truly unique creative expressions.


All levels welcome to this two day workshop.



The first day will start with a lecture and will follow with introductory projects. Using liquid disperse dyes, the projects have been designed to start with basic techniques which then build on each other to create a greater level of skill and knowledge at each stage. Projects will include various resist, texture and colour studies; layering, overprinting and colour wash studies; design study employing line drawing and multiple imaging techniques using stamps and acetate stencils. These techniques include the use of gesso, various stencils, colour washes, texture prints, direct painting, layered imagery and multiple overprinted layers to create a broad suite of mixed media/techniques.


On the second day the projects continue to build on your skill levels culminating in complex, rich, textural and vibrant 3-dimensional imaging techniques. These projects progress to ‘illusion of depth studies’ which include a multiple layering study employing numerous stencils, colour panels and painted motifs on the one sample; the tutor’s MultiSperse Dye Sublimation (MSDS) technique which focusses on variants of the technique. The MSDS projects will guide you to work with varying shades, hues and tints resulting in (i) a high contrast, vibrant image, (ii) a delicate, low contrast image and (iii) a bright, highly hued image. All of the MSDS projects include multiple resists employing multiple overprinting and colour plates to create works of great depth and imagery. These variant techniques can also be applied to some of the other techniques acquired in this workshop.


This is the second time I am welcoming Marie Therese in my studio. She is touring again thru Europe and will be exhibiting a new body of work at Galerie 't Haentje te Paart in Middelburg from 5th October to 2nd November, 2014. The official opening will be on Saturday 11th October 2014. For those of you who are joining us it will be a great opportunity to see the actual artwork in reality.
For more information pls check the gallery's agenda at a later moment

Inschrijven niet mogelijk


Minimum of ten fat quarters of white and/or pale coloured synthetic/polyester fabrics (please launder the fabrics to remove starch if not pfd), eg: polyester satin, satin lining, polyester chiffon, panne velvet, synthetic lace, metallic polyester and poly-cotton blends (65% synthetic blend minimum). Delustered satin is perfect if you can bring some - also known as cathedral satin, ballerina satin or princess satin. It is normally used for wedding dresses. (various DIFFERENT synthetic fabrics will be for sale as well)**


Minimum of 24 A3 and/or A4 sheets of white photocopy/laser printer paper.
1 set of transfer paint (12 colours)**

Cutting mat and craft knife.
One fine paint brush and a water proof marker pen.
12 Disposable foam brushes approx. 2 cms wide.**

Foam roller.

Plastic tray (for dye) that will fit the width of the foam roller.



Masking tape.


One or two rubber stamps and/or printing blocks if available.

Two A4 sheets of laser or photocopy copy transparency film for stencil.

Feathers, leaves, ferns, other flora, string etc to act as a resist.

Box of rubber gloves..

large ice cream container or jar to clean brushes, sponges etc.

Plastic drop cloth and 2-3 fabric drop cloths for working on the tables and some rags.

Coverall or old smock to protect clothes.

Paper towels
1 roll of baking paper


Stippling brush, Palette knife, Bubble wrap, Paper doily.

Dust mask that fits your face - in case you are sensitive to the smell of the dyes