My Artcloth Continuum

lezing en demonstratie o.l.v. M.T. Wisniowski (Aus)

Marie-Therese Wisniowski works as a studio artist, researcher, author, curator, speaker and tutor. She is the Director of Art Quill Studio and a casual lecturer at The University of Newcastle, Australia.

Her lecture - "My ArtCloth Continuum" - outlines the concepts behind her ArtCloth works and furthermore explores her ArtCloth practices - such as MultiSperse Dye Sublimation or MSDS - that she uses to create some of her ArtCloths.

Her "ArtCloth Continuum" centers on four art explorations on cloth that are interlinked namely: Primitive Art, Urban Landscapes, Post-Graffiti and Environmental Art. The earliest artistic marks were drawn on cave walls (Primitive Art), which was a predecessor to Graffiti Art. Her Urban Landscapes and Post Graffiti artworks are on cloth, rather than on pavements and walls - both of these art explorations are a reaction against Graffiti and Street Art - just like Post-Impressionism was a reaction against Impressionism. Her Environmental Art explorations complete her "Art Continuum".

Following the talk Marie-Therese will give a demonstration featuring her MSDS technique. The technique employs disperse dyes on synthetic fibers and involves hand-printing multiple resists and multiple overprinted layers employing numerous color plates and plant materials. The completed artworks are rich in color, light, shade, contrast, movement and depth. The multiple layers also imbue a painterly aesthetic and textural, three-dimensional quality to the finished ArtCloth works.

It is important that the audience - during the demonstration - asks questions on any aspect of the technique they may want further information on.


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