vol / fullOf Cloth, Pattern and Clothing

2daagse workshop o.l.v.Cas Holmes(UK)

This workshop looks at using old cotton based clothing (shirts, aprons, children's clothes etc) as a starting point for new work. We will look at deconstruction and rejoining methods as well as surface intervention, dry techniques (stitch, markers and crayons) and wet techniques (dye, paint and paper layering).
  • A look at simple colouring methods and ways of changing surfaces of found fabrics and paper (adding textures and colour with dyes, printing techniques, printing from seams and lace, repeat patterns.
  • Integrating stitch as you progress, (stitch as a line)
  • Introduction of paper with fabric using techniques adapted from Japanese screen making, fabric processes and papercrafts.
  • We will close with a review looking at ways of working with the textiles and mixed media (joining pieces together,stitch as a mark, building towards your own developments.

    What students will achieve:
    Experimental pieces resulting from this creative exploration using clothing waste and patterned fabrics as a base could be used as a starting point for textile based work and mixed media, collage and stitch.
    Gain confidence in working from their own resource material. .

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Student preparation:
Pls bring images for inspiration and one or two images of previous work. Choose source material of interest to you, nature, the home. Also select scraps of clothing you may like to use, a sleeve, handkerchief, old piece of lace collar, patterned or plain. 

Materials to bring yourselves:

Equipment: 1-2 inch brush, 2/3 finer brushes, sponge, 3-4 plastic lidded containers
(plastic tubs or similar for paint and glue). Plastic ruler. Small sponge.
Cheap wax (non-washable/water soluble) crayons for rubbings.   
Basic sewing equipment:
Scissors, needles, assorted threads of your choice, pins. Scalpel/cutting knife.
Piece of cotton/calico no more than a 50-100cm square to be cut up and used if desired as a base (an old cotton sheet/tablecloth ideal) 
Papers and Fabric:
Gathered ephemera: No more than a carrier bag full.
Assorted weights of papers from brown wrapping paper/ tissutex, glossy magazines, patterned paper, textured paper (wallpaper) oriental specialist papers, hand made-paper, etc. Can include black and white photocopies or computer prints. Lace, fabric scraps from clothing with patterns (some plain), old labels.
Acrylic paint or water based textile paints (not expensive ones) at minimum of two of the following colours white, black, red, yellow, blue.
Any markmaking tools you want to bring, e.g. fabric paints or Koh I Noor paint palletes.

Masking tape
Aprons and plastic gloves
your sewing machine (cleaned and oiled)+spare needles and sewing yarn.
Notebook / camera

NB: er zal een kleine selectie papier te koop zijn in mijn studio, waaronder tissutex.
geen acrylverf maar wel textielverf van pebeo.