Paper, Mark & Stitch

2-daagse workshop o.l.v. Cas Holmes (UK)

An experimental workshop to explore the character and qualities of paper and other found material as a surface for working. A focus on stitching as an extension of mark making and making a line, and various means of attaching and joining. Some of the methods will be Japanese in origin. An introduction to Momigami , Japanese crinkled papers. The pieces resulting from this creative exploration could be used as a starting point for collage, stitching, 3-D or sculptural work. Machine or hand stitch combined with an exercise in basic drawing and mark making to help with design. You will need calico, cotton or similar to stitch on as well as paper and drawing materials.

What Students will achieve:
An understanding of the qualities of found paper as a means to aid design work and for direct use in textiles. Creative exploration which could be used as a starting point for student' own practice for textile based work and mixed media, collage, stitching, 3-D, books or sculptural work.

Student preparation:
As you work through the course you may choose to make reference from personal images or ideas looking at surfaces of walls, marks in the land etc using materials you have collected for inspiration. Bring one or two images of previous work if you have them..

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

Students need to bring to the workshop:
Equipment: Basic sewing equipment :needles, scissors sewing threads, notebook.
Sewing machine (optional)

Materials: All this should fit in one bag!!
small quantity of  p.v.a. glue or pritt stick.*

Dry colouring materials (wax crayons or markels) and any favoured drawing/markmaking materials you may have (pens, crayons, watercolour/koh I Noor inks for limited colour use.),

Papers: Assorted weights of papers from brown wrapping paper/potato sacks, tissue, patterned wrapping paper, magazines, oriental specialist papers, hand made-paper etc.

Gathered ephemera (lace, fabric scraps, pins,  'Domestic Trivia' such as old food wrappers, ties, pegs.  etc).

Collection of images/objects that inspire you.

A piece of calico or canvas no larger than 12-18 inch square as base for stitch

Notebook/camera (optional)  Aprons and plastic gloves

*There may be other materials you like to use such as iron on vilene /interfacing etc to re-inforce the paper. You are welcome to use these materials to supplement the above list but not essential.

This workshop can be taken seperately or as a linked workshop.