Pojagi and Beyond

3-Daagse Workshop met Chunghie Lee (Korea/USA)

Een speciale workshop met een internationaal karakter: Chunghie Lee, Koreaanse textielkunstenares, schrijfster en docente o.a. aan de Rhodes Island School of Design.Tijdens deze 3-daagse workshop maakt u kennis met POJAGI - een oude patchwork techniek uit Korea. Hieronder volgt de tekst van Chunghie:

Pojagi patchwork wrapping cloths have been used in Korea for many generations at ceremonies like weddings, rituals and in the household for various types of coverings and wrappings. The traditional pieces use several stitching methods among them, a triple stitching technique called gekki. The resulting seaming creates stiff, strong linear elements that can be used as design components in larger pieced two and three dimensional work. Traditional fabric, nobang, offers the variations in transparency, depthness and moving quality. Once participants have learned the basic techniques of Pojagi, they are encouraged to experiment and to adapt the techniques and concepts to their own needs and interpretations.

Students will learn the basic techniques of making Pojagi (Korean patch work). They will learn several ways of fabric construction techniques  for Pojagis which also could be incorporated into fabric and or paper collages and or mixed media works.  While the technique is adaptable to many forms of work; 2-D, 3-D, either architectural, body ornaments, soft sculptures, and or wearables. ; participants' practice span intimate wearable works, through to large scale industrial installation. . Students will be challenged to think about 'wrapping' with new approaches, and to think conceptually. Works may have either a fine art or a design orientation.

NB; Tijdens de European Patchwork Meeting in St Marie aux Mines (Elzas/Fr van 16-19 Sept) is Korea dit jaar het gastland en zal er een speciale tentoonstelling zijn van Koreaanse kunstenaars, met o.a. werk van Chunghie Lee. Daarnaast zal Handwerken zonder Grenzen een artikel wijden aan haar Pojagi werk (nr.159).

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

gelieve de volgende materialen zelf mee te brengen: 

-sewing machine (well cleaned and oiled, basic function, straight & zigzag would do)
-various color sewing threads, scissors for fabric & paper
-black tulle (about 1 yard), synthetic organza, no patterned (about 4 yards)
-various solid (=uni)(patterns in fabric might be distracting factors in your work)thin cotton, cotton blend, silk and or synthetic, thinnest and transparent fabric recommended
-yarns (various colors/thickness), fitting pins, fabric chalk
-incense (least flavored, for burn drawing on natural material such as cotton, silk, paper, etc)
-starched interfacing fabric, approx. one yard,(thinnest/transparent possible for iron using drawing,
-sketch book(for process journal and idea sketches), drawing pen, pencil 4B & 6B, charcoal, color pencils)
-Any thin papers (Onionskin paper, tracing paper, rice paper, etc.) to be used in collage work.

Een zgn. Pojagi making kit, Koreaanse zijde en hennep zijn vooraf te bestellen.
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