vol / fullSculptural Patterning on Felt

3-daagse o.l.v. Chung-Im Kim (Canada/Korea)

Pattern can be found everywhere; nature produces abundant and rich patterns in both two and three-dimensional forms while many man-made objects carry patterns in their structure or surface.   Examples abound:  elements like liquid can create wonderful patterning through their movement, scientific data reveals the hidden patterns at the microscopic level, etc.   Furthermore, encountering these patterns in daily life tends to trigger our artistic curiosity and offer a rich potential to achieve higher design quality.

Inspired by those qualities participants will seek creative solutions to combine 2D design ideas onto 3D form and develop sculptural objects with a unique aesthetic approach.

Key points:
1. Designing patterns manually and digitally
2. Exploring the possibilities of 3D formation
3. Developing a creative marriage between 2D images and 3D structure

1. Mono printing, drawing, photocopy
2. Digital manipulation through Adobe Photoshop
3. Basic 3D pattern making
4. Thermofax printing
5. Cutting & hand stitching

Day 1
*Powerpoint presentation of pattern world
*Design 2D patterns --- drawing/texturing, scanning,
  Photoshop manipulation
*Explore 3D forms --- investigation of the natural forms,
  cutting to create 3D structure, developing own form

Day 2
*Redesign/rearrange pattern(s) on the chosen 3D pattern(s)
  and prepare the film
*Making screens with the thermofax machine and printing on felt

Day 3
* Cutting the felt (patterns are printed on)
* Stitching, finishing and critique

NOTE: this workshop is related to an upcoming Sculptural Felt Exhibition which will be opened in Nagele (NL) on September 7 2014.
Chung-Im Kim is one of the invited artists, participating in this travelling show. For more information regarding the exhibition pls go to

NOTE 2: This workshop is not restricted to felters only..
Art quilters are also very welcome to join us.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

Participants need to bring the following:

1. Photos/images of textures (plants) of own favorite
    to be inspired for pattern design
2. Sketchbook
3. Scissors (sharp enough for cutting fabric) and utility knife
4. Pencil, eraser, a ruler
5. Needle and thread (polyester or cotton)
6. A laptop if you own one and has photoshop on it
7. Craft paper (white or brown) to exercise the patterning
8. Copy paper for copier
9. Rotary cutter plus cutting matt
10. Felt (can be wool or synthetic around 2-3mm thickness 
      would be the best for stitching)**
11. Clear tape/masking tape and duct-tape
12. Pebeo Setacolor either Transparant or Opaque, 
     or Lumiere from Jacquard.**
13. Kitchen paper for cleaning and/or Baby wipes 

Both Synthetic and Wool felt will be for sale in my studio/shop during class as well as Pebeo and Lumiere (textile paints).
And of course all thermofax materials (frames/film and squeegees)

Note: those who want to (re)use their own A4 size Thermofax frames and squeegee are welcome to do so.

Note 2: this is not a HOW TO USE Photoshop beginners class/workshop.
Those who bring their own laptop are expected to be photoshop savyy and at least know the basics.