vol / fullThe Sketchbook Workshop

2-daagse workshop o.l.v. Cas Holmes (UK)

Take the fear out of using a sketchbook. Creative ways of exploring developing ideas through mixed media including dyeing and staining pages, drawing with found objects, stitching and layering to open up the thought processes to the creation of your own work.

What students will achieve:
A sketchbook started with developing your own ideas, coloured pages reflecting your own journey and interest. This collage approach is a means for students to achieve great confidence in  composition, colour, design and their own drawing and mark making skills in an imaginative way.

Student preparation:
Select images, photocopies and details of old work, textures of interest to work with. This could be on any theme, nature, the world around us, family - something which makes you tick.

Plan for the Two Days:
Painting sketchbook pages as a starting point for creative collage
Cutting and preparing collage paper, markmaking.
Making a narrative, drawing a line and adding collage to your pages.
Discussion;further developments. Why keep a sketchbook. Its use as a personal record and for development

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Students need to bring to the workshop the following:
An A5 or small spiral bound sketchbook  landscape(when open should be no large than a sheet of photocopy/inkjet paper. Please have about 110-140 gsm paper weight, lighter paper not good enough quality. (students can use existing sketchbooks whatever the scale if they already have them). small quantity of  p.v.a. glue or pritt stick. Craft knife, scissors

Dry and wet colouring materials
acrylic paint/wax crayons/pencils/pens/watercolour paints, inks...whatever you have)

For Collage:
Papers: tissue include white tissue, patterned wrapping paper, magazines, oriental specialist papers, hand made-paper etc. extra white paper, photocopy paper fine. A small amount of lightweight coloured fabric scraps selection of images (some will be cut up).Needle and some threads.

Notebook/camera (optional)  Aprons and plastic gloves

This workshop can be taken separately or as a linked workshop