Abstract, Expand and Excavate

3-daagse Encaustic workshop olv Joanna Kidney

This workshop is focused on developing ideas of abstraction, content and meaning through the medium of encaustic paint, suitable for an intermediate level of experience. The emphasis is on expanding your conversation with the paint and developing your personal vocabulary and vision. We will use experimental drawing exercises to loosen up the hand and develop your line and mark. There will be plenty of painting time with a balance of demonstrations, discussion and presentations.There will be a strong focus on individual support for wherever you are at throughout the course and through scheduled one on one meetings.

The course content will include a review of techniques and tools (for adding/subtracting/ manipulating layers) and media compatible with encaustic paint (R&F pigment sticks, oil bars and various drawing media). We will revise fundamentals to inform the focus of your work- elements and principles of art, colour and composition. We will explore the generation and development of idea through drawing exercises and notebook work. Joanna’s teaching style, based on professional experience, nurtures the creative mind and each student’s relationship to personal vision. She encourages an experimental and intuitive approach to materiality and the use of drawing for recording and transforming experience and also as a way into subtracting paint.

NB: deze workshop is voor gevorderden, niet voor beginners.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

er zijn beperkt R&F smeltplaten te leen,
wie er zelf een bezit graag meebrengen.
S.v.p. aangeven bij inschrijving of je wilt lenen of niet!


BRENG SVP JE EIGEN VOORRAAD ENCAUSTIC MEDIUM/WAX COLOURS/CAKES & PAINTSTICKS MEE ALS RESERVE MAAR ER IS VANZELFSPREKEND OOK VAN ALLES TE KOOP TIJDENS DE LES (o.a. cradle panels, hake kwasten, R&F cakes en paintsticks, encaustic medium, palette cups, torches etc..)


5 wooden panels with a white encaustic gesso ground or white paint ground (or Ampersand encausticboard). Approximate sizes: 2 x 15 x 20cm; 3 x 20 x 30cm- or square format close in size if prefferable. 

Selection of 12-16 natural bristle brushes: 4 fine for fine lines, 8-12 hake of varying thicknesses (1', 1.5', 2', 2.5', 3”)

Bring a selection of the paint you'd like to work with. And some encaustic medium. We will have a stock of sponsored R&F paint & pigment sticks. And a wide selection of materials (see above) can be bought if necessary.  

Selection of scraping and incising tools, Joanna will bring a stash too. Objects for impressing. 

2 sticks of charcoal and 2 sticks compressed charcoal,
A4 notebook for drawing/writing.

Approx 6 - 8 Palette Cups/small aluminium cups or clean tuna cans for holding melted wax/paint.

Any drawing media you have which is compatible with encaustic paint ie oil bars (Sennelier or Windsor & Newton), oil pastels, woody pencils, Caran D'ache Neocolour wax pastels, R&F pigment sticks. Joanna will bring some too so no need to purchase especially.

Pan pastels if you have them, no need to purchase especially.

Apron, Removable painter’s tape, roll of kitchen paper

Torch for fusing
(no heatguns allowed due to power issues)