Beyond Boundaries

Juried Exhibition for SDA EU members

We herewith invite all European Members of the Surface Design Association to participate in this juried exhibition which will be held in Leiden and in Baarle Nassau (2 different places, but the same title):

Galerie Zone, Nieuwstraat 17b – 2312 KA Leiden
& High Five Art, Hoogbraak 5 – 5111 CS Baarle Nassau

Partly concurring with the Textiel Festival in May 2020.

Time line:
Sending application form plus digital images before October 1, 2019.
Selection date: December 1, 2019
On show:
in Leiden from May 2 till May 31 2020
in Baarle Nassau from May 2 till June 21 2020

All artworks need to be delivered in Baarle Nassau in week 17 (20 - 24 April 2020)
Possible exceptions will be handled by the Galleries themselves

Below you will find 2 pdf 's with more information regarding conditions and signing up.


Application Form

PS - members from non euro countries can pay the entrance fee via paypal. In which case pls contact me via email and i will send a special paypal invoice to settle via PAYPAL. It will save transfer costs!

The selection has been made per 1/12 and
these are the 34 European members who will participate
spread over 2 galleries:

Anne Mie Boonen (Be)
Anneke Herrold (NL)
Beatriz Schaaf-Giesser (BRD)
Beverly Ayling-Smith (UK)
Cherilyn Martin (NL)
Elinor Siegler (Fr)
Elly Nederpeld (NL)
Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary)
Fenella Davies (UK)
Flox den Hartog (NL)
Francisca Henneman (NL)
Hannie van Weel (NL)
Helda Klouth (NL)
Imelda Connolly (Ireland)
Jette Clover (Be)
Julieta Gimpel (UK)
Katie Taylor (UK)
Kissa Tindal (Denmark)
Lia Flemings (Be)
Marloes van Rees (NL)
Mascha Mioni (Switzerland)
Mel Bradley (Ireland)
Michele Landel (Fr)
Mirjam Pet (NL)
Monika Haeussler (BRD)
Monika Sebert (BRD)
Paulien van Asperen (NL)
Raija Jokinen (Finland)
Rita Trefois (Be)
Solange Jungers (Fr)
Stewart Kelly (UK)
Tania Verhasselt (Be)
Willy Doreleijers (NL)
Yael David Cohen (UK)

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