Captured in Nets

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Eszter Bornemisza

Airy, transparent fibre works or new kind of quilt surfaces will be introduced during this workshop. Samples of many variations of netted designs with recycled materials, paper and sheers will be shown, discussed and exercised. Suggestions for 3D works will be given as well. Participants will make small samples of each technique with water soluble paper and/or film.

Spoken language: English

Deze workshop kan los worden gevolgd of samen met de eerste 2-daagse workshop van Eszter.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

lijst van benodigde cq mee te brengen materialen:

  • basic sewing kit,
    sewing machine,
    threads (variegated too), needles, scissors, pins

  • water soluble paper and film, approx. 100 x 90 cm **

  • 5 pieces of A3 size heavy plastic sheet to leave pieces on to dry

  • basic drawing tools, inspirational photos, drawings

  • bits of yarns, threads, strings, flosses

  • bits of fabrics of various quality: sheers, organza, laces, felt, gauze, cotton wool, etc.

  • pieces of paper: tissue, printed napkin, newspaper, sketch-paper, etc.

  • any other bits to be found at home that can be sewn through, like plastics

  • white PVA glue 300 ml (waterbasis)

  • acrylic paint and

  • puff paint**,

  • brushes**, small containers to mix colours

  • embroidery threads and needle

  • glue spray (505 or 3M)

  • big embroidery hoop

  • apron

  • ½ litre jam jar, or plastic box with cover that doesn’t leak

  • heat gun **(optional)

  • Soldering iron **(optional)

**) Deze materialen zijn ter plekke te koop tijdens de workshop.
NB: Deelnemers dienen hun eigen naaimachine mee te brengen.
Schoongemaakt, goed werkend en geolied.