Cas Holmes (UK)

Brief Biography:

I'm an artist, teacher and author living in the U.K. I trained in painting and photography at the University of Creative Arts, Kent in the early eighties, followed by further scholarships for research in Japan and India (supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Japan Foundation, and Arts Council England respectively).

Paper and textile methods studied in Japan have been adapted for use with found materials and forms the basis for my practical processes. This includes the use of a reversible paste medium which forms a temporary 'hold' for the layered textiles and papers creating new mixed media surfaces which can act as a base for further manipulation, worked with stitch, appliqué or applied to the creation of book pieces and 3 dimensional forms.

I like to use discarded items, waste material no longer considered useful. My work is informed by my drawings and photographs reflecting personal narratives, places visited, stories of my grandmother, old and forgotten textiles.  Found materials and cloth (fragments of lace, old clothing, domestic fabrics) have a history'. These I break down, tear, and cut, until they are re-assembled to create something more meaningful. Fragments and layers mark the passing of time, the rituals of
making (cutting paper, gathering materials, machining, sewing) acting as part of the narrative of the work Informed by the 'hidden' or often overlooked parts of our landscape, and personal spaces.,I am interested in the relationship with
domestic interiors and outside places, the views from our windows, the verges of our roadsides, field edges and the places where our gardens meet the 'greater landscape'. Working with 'stitch sketching', I seek to capture a moment or thing before it is gone.

I refer to the processes in my book 'The Found Object in Textile Art' and regularly reflect my current working ideas on

I work on commissions and exhibitions, developing projects with people of all ages and abilities within the community sector, in education, with museums and  galleries and have received awards for my work in this area. I also enjoy the challenge of working on site-specific projects and installations in collaboration with other artists, performers and musicians. I am a senior tutor at West Dean College and regularly hold workshops with guilds and groups in the UK and abroad.

For further details please contact:
Cas Holmes: Paper, Textiles and Mixed Media,
123 York Road  
Maidstone  Kent  
ME15 7QX   U.K.

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