Curriculum Vitae

start painting on silk
Foundation of Studio Zijdelings, registration at the CHamber of Commerce
starting to teach courses in silk painting
participation of various fashion shows and exhibitions
work published
screen printing on silk
from 1988 onwards  
various silk painting workshops with guest teachers
in the Jan van Besouwhuis(Goirle) and the DutchTextile Museum(Tilburg)
from 1996 onwards  
workshops textile and 'Surface Design'
organisation Masterclass Joy Boutrup (Designskole - DK)
organisation of:
Workshop Ann Johnston (Oregon/USA)
Masterclass Dr. Kate Wells (RCA Londen/UK) 
Attended 3e Shibori Symposium in Santiago (Chili)
Attending S.D.A. conference in Kansas City (USA)             
organisation of:
Workshop Grethe Wellejus & Bitten Hansen (DK) 
Workshop Patricia Black (Australia)
organisation of:
Quilt workshops with Cherilyn Martin(NL)
and Ann Johnston(USA)(related to Quilt Exhibit).
Workshop Wendy Huhn (Mixed Media Textile Artist,USA)
Masterclass Colback® Nonwovens Dr.Frances Geesin RCA PhD                     
Workshop Transferprinting - foils - flockprint  
with Nicky den Breejen (Rietveld Academie)
Moved to new studio(end of Jan.)
Attending TEXERE conference in Lissabon, Portugal
Start working agreement Textielmuseum            
organisation Masterclasses: 
RUBBERAMA with Janet Bloor (USA)
CONTRASTEN with Sara Lechner (Austria)
SHIBORI Patricia Black (repeated 2000)
Structure and Transparancy with Pauline Verbeek-Cowart(USA/NL)
Felt workshops related to a large FELT exhibition
in the Textile museum with Inge Evers, Silja Puranen(Fin) and Gil De Vloo(Be).
Masterclass 'NASSEN' with Akemi Nakano Cohn(USA/Japan)
Attending 4e Shibori Symposium Harrogate (UK)
Organisation of:
CONTRASTEN with Sara Lechner(Austria)
2day workshop RUBBERAMA with Janet Bloor (USA)
Meeting & Workshop 'Eigendraads' with Beppe Kessler 
related to her exhibition at the Museum in Tilburg .
Attending Surface Design Conference 'Hands On'  (USA) 
attending ETN conference 'Artists at Work - New Technology 
in Textile and Fibre Art' in Prato, Italië
Organisation workshops related to a large Exhibit called 
Antieke Quilts in the Nederlands Textielmuseum in Tilburg with 
Wendy Huhn (USA) and Hilde Van Braeckel(BE)
Organisation workshops related to the exhibition
"Art of the Stitch" with Li Koelan (NL/BRD), 
Michael  Brennand-Wood (UK) and Joan Schulze (USA)
organisation of:
Masterclass (2x) Transmutations with Prof.Norma Starszakowna, 
Director of Research of the London Institute(UK)
Workshop Woven Shibori with Catherine Ellis (USA)
Workshop Shaped Resist Dyeing (Shibori) with vegetal dye extracts 
and indigo with Joan Morris(USA)        
Meeting/Lecture Marian Bijlenga related to her exhibition 
Dots & Dashes in the Nederlands Textiel Museum in Tilburg
Masterclass Heat Transfer Technology with Dip. Des. Zane Berzina, MA 
Masterclass New & Smart Materials with Dip. Des. Zane Berzina, MA
Organisation various workshops/meetings related to the
Exhibition "Made in Tilburg" and "Dutch Souvenirs" 
in the Textielmuseum with Louise Cohen and Simone van Eerdenburg.
(again) RUBBERAMA with Janet Bloor (USA)
(again) Masterclasses with Dr. Zane Berzina(UK/Latvia)
Batik workshop related to an Exhibition 
Textielkunstenaressen en Art Nouveau 1900-1925  
in the Textielmuseum with Gil De Vloo (Belgium)
Participation 6e ISS conference and 14-day tour thru Japan 
with visits to various studio's a.o. 
Hishinuma & Nuno(Tokyo) Kuno (Arimatsu) etc.
Attending Surface Design Conference "Uncovering the Surface"(USA) 
Organisation of:
Masterclass Yoshiko Wada(USA) and Joy Boutrup(DK)   
Mini workshops textielmarkt Textielmuseum Tilburg
with Miek Vlamings, Gil De Vloo, Cherilyn Martin and Els van Baarle.
Workshops related to the Textilelab of the 
Textielmuseum with Louise Cohen (digital printing),
Christel Verhoeven (weaving) and Li Koelan (embroidery)
Organisation of:
Workshop with Celio Braga related to his exhibition 
G.E.B.O.R.D.U.U.R.D. in the Textielmuseum in Tilburg.
Workshops NEVER FELT BEFORE with Studio Claudy Jongstra related to 
her solo exhibition in the Textielmuseum  
7 juli 1986 - 7 juli 2006 - 20 year existance of ZIJDELINGS
6-7-8-9 September - celebration with mini workshops.          
(Again)masterclass with Dr. Zane Berzina
Organisation mini workshops Textielweekend (Textielmuseum Tilburg)
with Els van Baarle, Cherilyn Martin, Dery Timmer, Gil De Vloo, Olga Prins
and Mirjam Pet. Special guest Claire Benn (Committed to CLoth/UK)
3-day workshop Raise the Surface: acrylic gels and
metallic mediums with Ruth Issett(UK)
1-day workshop Layering with Cherilyn Martin related to the 
4e European Art Quilt Exhibition
Organisation of:
2-day workshop Make your Mark plus lecture 
with Sandra Meech (UK/Can) also related to the 
4e European Art Quilt Exhibit (Textielmuseum Tilburg)
2-day Masterclass Lasercutting - A design tool with Janet Stoyel 
related to the Textilelab of the Textielmuseum
Attending 14e SDA conference MIND and BODY (USA) 
Organisation 4day workshop Fusion: 
lamination-digital print-encaustic collage with Pat Hodson(UK)
Attending ETN Conference in Londen
Workshop Ausbrenner & Transferprint - weaving class with 
Joost Post related to the Textilelab in the Textielmuseum.
Mini workshops Textielweekend (Textielmuseum Tilburg)
with Gil De Vloo, Cherilyn Martin, Mirjam Pet, Olga Prins, 
Annette Jeukens, Marjon Hoftijzer, Nicky den Breejen, 
Ineke Poort and special guest Veronika Moos(BRD) 
Workshop(3day)Paper & Metal Leaf Lamination Claire Benn(UK)
(again) Smart Materials with Dr. Zane Berzina (UK)
3day felt workshop HATS: with Jorie Johnson (USA/Japan)
3day felt workshop SHIFTING SHAPES Jorie Johnson(USA) 
21/22/23 aug. Felted wool fabrics: Design & Construction 
3-day workshop with Jean Cacicedo (USA)
Mini workshops Textielweekend in Tilburg, with Gil De Vloo,
Annette Jeukens, Brigit Daamen, Nicky den Breejen,
Marga van der Bos, Cherilyn Martin, and Dijanne Cevaal (Aus).
Attending 7e ISS conference in France (Provence, Lyon and Paris)
Organisation of:
Masterclass Malene Kristiansen (DK) 4 days
hand print, digital print and embroidery
laser cutting workshop with Lise Lefebvre (2x 1day)
attending SDA conference Off the Grid (USA) 
4-day Shibori workshop Carved Board Clamp Resist dyeing
with Jay Rich USA (aug.2009)
Mini workshops (19) Textielweekend in Tilburg, with Gil De Vloo,
Cherilyn Martin, Gretha de Vries, Felieke van der Leest, Atelier
Zaken and Prof. Suhandan Ozay(Izmir) Oct.2009
SDA EU Conference Crossing Borders on 23/24 Oct. with 2
pre-conference workshops (Totally Transformed with
Cherilyn Martin and Chinese Wax Knives with Ria van Dijk)
Telling A Story - workshop with Sanne Jansen related to the
Exhibition Mina Perhonen: Fashion and Design by Akira
Minagawa at the AUDAX Textielmuseum.
5-Day workshop Scandinavian Transformation of Japanese Design
with Joy Boutrup & Malene Kristiansen (Designskole Kopenhagen)
related to the Mina Perhonen: Fashion and Design exhibition
3-Day workshop Encaustic for Textile & Fiber Artists with
Daniella Woolf (USA) april 2010
Schoon Goed - weaving workshop on the Dorniers of the Textile
Museum related to the exhibition KRAAKHELDER
4-Day workshop Felt & Embellishment with Lisa Klakulak (USA)
3-day workshop 'Pojagi & Beyond' with Chunghie Lee(Korea)
23,24 and 25 September 2010
mini workshops and demonstrations related to Re Spect - the
Textile weekend (location:Museum and my own studio 2+3 okt. 2010)
Eco-dyeing and Printing with Eucalyptus - 3 workshops with
Wieteke Opmeer related to reThink (October 2010) 
both in the museum and in my own studio
2-day workshop 'Of Cloth, Pattern & Clothing' with Cas Holmes
12 and 13 januari 2011 (my own studio)
2-day workshop 'Upcycling textiles with Lasertechnology'
with Kate Goldsworthy (UK) related to the exhibition
reTHINK (27 and 28 January 2011) AUDAX Textielmuseum
2-day workshop 'Screenprinting: Drama in Details' with
Linda Colsh (USA/Be) 11 and 12 February 2011 (my own studio)
3 Laser workshops with Lise Lefebvre:
lasercut modules 18/2 and 14/4 2011
lasercut jewelry 15/4 2011 - all 3 located in the Textile Museum
ISEND - 5day natural dyeing conference (la Rochelle/France) 
3-day workshop 'Baandhani & Leheriya: revival of traditional
Indian resist dyeing techniques' with Kamaldeep Kaur (India)
19,20 and 21 May 2011
SDA conference in Minneapolis (USA) - June 2011
4 dagen OPEN HOUSE celebration related to 25 years of Zijdelings
7, 8, 9 and 10 September 2011 (mini workshops & demonstrations)
Organisation ECOVISION: 2e SDA EU symposium (21 en 22 October) 
with 1 pre conference workshop and 2 post conference workshops, 
and a textile study tour to Vlisco and de Kantfabriek.
3-day workshop 'Joomchi & Beyond' with  Jiyoung Chung (Korea)
scheduled for 17, 18 and 19 November 2011
2-day workshop 'The sketchbook' with Cas Holmes/UK  (Jan.2012)
2-day workshop 'Paper, Mark *& Stitch' with Cas Holmes (Jan.2012)
5-day workshop Katazome with natural dyes and indigo
with Akemi Nakano Cohn (May 2012)
3-day Natural Dyeing workshop with Michel Garcia (Fr) aug.2012
2013     expected
3-day shibori class with Elin Noble (Folds for clamp resist dyeing)
4-day workshop Ajrakh printing on silk with natural dyes led by
Kamaldeep Kaur (India) March 2013
3-day natural dyeing workshop with Michel Garcia (Silk and Wool)