Delicate Paper Lace

o.l.v. Jill Flower (UK)


An experimental day - discover a technique producing a whispery fabric, working with water soluble products, paper and stitch.

Inspired by the formal patterns of lace, a whispy material is formed. The techniques can be used with in a number of projects requiring a delicate and dainty finish, such as brooches and fascinators.

Students are encouraged to work from a source photograph or drawing which incorporates a strong pattern. A formal lace design can be used.

The design is sketched out on paper - a simplification of the original. This is a very stylised version of the pattern so students do not have to worry about th ability to be able to 'draw'. This also assists with the size of the work to be completed and formulates the route to be taken whilst using the sewing machine.


The 'Paper Lace' workshop is different from the previous one (The Flower Brooch) due to the delicacy of the technique/procedure and an addition but can be followed separately.

A sewing machine is required and some knowledge of 'free-machining' is preferred.

Below you will find a list of requirements to bring.


pls bring the following materials:

Sewing machine & instruction book

Sewing machine feet, needles and threads

Sewing threads.....with possibly a metallic thread

General sewing equipment e.g. Scissors, needles,

Small beads/buttons /sequins

Beading needle


Masking tape

Cutting mat + exactoknife & ruler

Piece of flat polystyrene approx size- A4 or more

Paper scissors

Tissue papers or any light weight papers to experiment with

Any water soluble fabrics you may own for experimentation but, please do not buy especially as Zijdelings can provide
this fabric.

Sketch book or plain paper

Please come prepared with a selection of simple repetitive images
(photos/ photocopies) of an inspired design which may have a strong pattern or any lacy designs.