vol / fullDevore 2.0: Textile Hybrids & Contemporary Lace

3-day Masterclass with Daniel Henry

Burn-out has been done mostly on especially made mixed fabrics, so the textures are always the same and only colors and patterns are changing.  Also dévoré always plays with transparency and is used mostly for summer and eveningwear.  Daniel's idea is to bring this technique to a new level.

1  The first idea is a kind of « appliqué » (like the embroidery technique consisting of sewing patches of fabric on another fabric).  In this case we will work with 2 layers of fabric (one pure cellulosic fabric which is going to make holes once burned-out and one animal or synthetic fabric that will not react to the chemical).  The 2 layers of fabric being glued together by screenprinting.  Depending on how the patterns are thought, it is possible to have very clean edges or frayed edges, depending also on the quality of the fabric.  What he finds the most interesting about this technique is the crossing over of two opposite fabrics : male / female, winter / summer, woven / knitted, fashion / furnishing, etc.  The multiple associations possible make the technique super interesting.

2 The second idea is to create some lace effect textiles like broderie anglaise or some other kind of open work.  The dévoré is printed on a pure cellulosic fabric and create holes, once again it is possible to get clean holes or frayed openings (like gunshots for exemple). 

Willingness to experiment, discover and explore, curious, open-minded.  The participants MUST have the basic knowledge of screenprinting and can be novice in dévoré and coatings.  The goal of the workshop is to sample / no finished product will be created

First day

  • workshop introduction : looking at samples and patterns
  • explanations of pastes and screens
  • looking at the grounds everyone brought
  • apprenticeship :
    demos and group trials of coatings combined with burn-out on single layer cellulosic fabrics + development of the samples (burning-out with the heatpress and washing) 

Second day
apprenticeship :

demos and group trials of coatings combined with burn-out on double / triple layer cellulosic fabrics + development of the samples (burning-out with the heatpress and washing)

Third day

  • free technical deepening
  • conclusion


Inschrijven niet mogelijk

Materials list:
pls bring yourselves

paper tape (3 different widths)
baking paper
old towel
4 small blocks to rest the screen on

collecting diverse textiles (grounds for printing) select what interest you :
–  heavy / light, dense / loose, plain / printed, smooth / textured, woven / knitted, matte / shiny, etc. 
–  velvet, satin, lace, non-woven, openwork, fur, sheer, felt, tulle, etc.
- fabrics with designs : stripes, checks, wax, flowers, animal prints, etc.

The most important is to bring pure cellulosic fabrics (cotton, linen, viscose), pure others (wool, silk, synthetic).  Both light and heavy weights.

This list is only to open the mind to a maximum of possibilities.
Bring what you have, what you like, also what you don't like :-) the goal is not to spend money... But please bring very diverse and opposite things


Daniel will provide screens to use during class:

He will bring his own diverse screens & designs (geometric, organic, flower, animal, textures, blank, etc.)