vol / fullColors of the Mesoamerica: 3 ways to dye with Cochineal

Lecture & Demo led by Yoshiko I. Wada (USA)


Textile scholar and WSN President, Yoshiko I. Wada will visit studio ZIJDELINGS in Tilburg and lecture about the colors of Mesoamerica, in particular Mexico and she will demonstrate the art of natural dyeing with cochineal using 3 different methods on both wool and silk.

Cochineal has been used in the Americas over centuries and some of it’s earliest use has been traced back to the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Cochineal’s deep red color comes from the tiny scale insects who live on opuntia (nopal) cacti.

Her lecture will also touch upon the Mesoamerica and Pre-columbian South American textiles.

The talk concludes with information about the upcoming 10th ISS symposium in Oaxaca (Mexico), organised by the World Shibori Network and co-chaired by Alejandro de Avila Blomberg, Director, the Ethno Botanical Garden of Oaxaca  and Yoshiko I. Wada, President, World Shibori Network

At the end of day the demo results (wool & silk, both yarns and fabric) will be handed to all participants in order to compile their own sampler at home. The cost of the materials is included in the fee.

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NOTE: the images shown are made during Yoshiko's workshop at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens in California. 

photo credit : Anupama Ravi.