vol / fullSprang Skins and 3-D Textile Constructions

with Mo Kelman (USA)

Sprang is an ancient method of constructing a netlike fabric that is extremely elastic in all directions.  It is constructed entirely from warp threads, the vertical threads on a loom.  As threads are interlinked at the midpoint of the warp, the netlike construction grows, simultaneously, at both the top and bottom ends of the warp.

This elastic netlike fabric lends itself beautifully to becoming a skin on three-dimensional skeletal structures.  Methods for attaching the sprang skin to structures, and for further embellishing the skins with paper pulp, wax, and stiffeners will be demonstrated.

Each student will construct a sprang loom from simple materials that can be rolled up and transported as a small, cylindrical package.  Students will learn basic sprang interlacing methods as well as variations that can be developed into lacelike patterns.

Note: this is an extra one-day class which can be followed separately. 

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materials to bring yourselves:

* 2 wooden dowels, 45 – 60 cm. long and approximately 2 cm.
   in diameter.

* 2 wooden or plastic rulers, 30 – 45 cm. long (the longer length is better),
   or any other smooth, thin wooden or plastic stick that is approximately
   that size.

* 1 knitting needle, any size or length.

* 2  two-liter plastic milk (or juice) jugs with handles and lids.

* 2 small (paper) binder clips

* one ball of cotton crochet thread, size 3 or 5, or a ball of smoth cotton string.
pls make sure this thread is sturdy enough (it may not break when pulling with your hands)