Ecovision Conference - Day 2

2-daagse textielconferentie

On Saturday 22/10 we will start with the Member Trunk Show. This is an opportunity for conference participants to sell their own work. The sale will take place at the studio of Zijdelings and will be held from 10am till noon. To reserve a table, check the appropriate box on your registration form. The number of tables is limited so please sign up early. Please note that this is not a vendor show for selling materials.

Lunch will take place at the AUDAX Textile Museum.

After lunch the following SDA members will present and/or demonstrate.
Depending on the number of participants registered, concurrent sessions may be offered.
More information about the demonstrators can be found at

Magie Relph (UK) - African Blue - a Hands on Talk (museum)
Indigo truly is 'the king of colours' and nowhere more so than in Africa. Mixing a bit of history with a bit of alchemy, then adding a dash of design, you will discover the beauty, excitement and significance of this unique dye. Magie will focus on Adire and Dogon resist dyeing, Mossi cloth from Mali, Daboya strip woven cloth and costumes from Ghana, and factory-produced blue print Shwe Shwe fabric from South Africa. 
Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary) - 'Thread Traps' - a Recycling Technique (museum)
Eszter demonstrates how to trap various textile and non-textile pieces in a thread net. The use of water-soluble paper and film will be shown in the process of making a small design and finishing it with the sewing machine. How to handle problems when compiling bigger artworks will be explained.

Olga Prins (NL) - Upcycling Synthetic Fabrics:
Cutting and Drawing with a soldering iron (museum)
Olga will demonstrate how to use this tool as a knife.  As a result the fabric can not fray and it is easy to "glue" or melt two or more layers together. The soldering iron can also be used as a pencil to make marks and adhere small pieces together.

Emily Halvorsen (Norway) - Screen printing with Natural Dyes (studio zijdelings)
Organic natural dye extracts are powders that can be dissolved and painted or printed directly onto cloth or yarn with or without a thickener. They can be applied to cellulose or protein fibers depending on the mordants used. In this demo the substrate will be silk and wool cloth. Emily will show and discuss some of the dyes available, stock solutions,  mordants, thickener, viscosity, screens, imagery, application, curing and finishing. 

Cherilyn Martin (NL-UK)  -Encaustic Monotypes (studio zijdelings)
Encaustic paints are melted and mixed on the surface of the warming palette from which mono prints are then taken. Paper is rolled onto the surface so that it absorbs the paint. This process is repeated so that layers of wax are built up and painterly effects with depth evolve. Several techniques can be used such as resist printing or block printing to add detail to the mono prints. It is possible to work on a large scale with this method.The ground paper obtains translucency and work can be shown to it's best advantage when lit from behind. Various paper types can be used.

coffee/tea breaks are planned between demonstrations in both locations.

A timetable will be published at this website closer to the date.

After the last demonstration the conference will be officially closed.

On Sunday 23/10 a group visit to the Dutch Design Week and the Graduation Show in Eindhoven will be available to those who are interested. Please, check the box on the registration form if you wish to reserve a space on this group tour.
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day schedule will be published on this website closer to the date. 

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