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Magie Relph
Magie Relph - african blue talk
Magie Relph is a quilter, textile artist, teacher and author. Since 1984 she has travelled throughout Africa studying, documenting and buying African textiles. In the 1990s she opened her battered cardboard suitcase of wax prints to her quilt group and her fair trade ‘accidental business' - The African Fabric Shop - was born. As an artist, she combines traditional, pictorial and experimental use of fabrics to create original wall hangings and quilts. Not surprisingly, you'll find African influences and fabrics in many of her pieces, including ‘Two Kings', which was commissioned by The Quilters' Guild of The British Isles for their prestigious anniversary collection ‘25 for 25'. Her first book - African Wax Print: A Textile Journey - provides a wealth of information and inspiration for textile artists, quilters, embroiderers, spinners, weavers, dyers - indeed anybody who loves and uses textiles.  
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Eszter Bornemisza
Eszter Bornemisza - Thread Traps
Eszter Bornemisza was a mathematician before she became an artist.  She began quilting  to create textile pictures in 1996.  Her starting point is a well-defined, yet multi-faceted world of ideas that reflects our relations to traces of past cultures, settlements and the different levels of existence.  She has developed a remarkable style in a very short time and has covered many different techniques.  She exclusively uses fabrics that she dyes, discharges, screen-prints or embellishes in other ways.  Her surfaces are rich with complex layered patterning.
One of the recurrent themes in her quilts has been town and city plans, stitched or printed onto collaged surfaces, and often layered with screen printed fragments of handwriting in many forms.  Her main sources of inspiration are the layers of history found in the earth and in our mind.  She likes to use old maps as well as contemporary road and metro diagrams that refer to certain places and times. Maps, mazes or circuit boards - things that form grid-like structures - even the woven texture of the fabrics themselves often reinforces the theme as they too can resemble urban structures.  She uses a range of fabrics, from very loosely woven scrim, to heavy Hungarian cotton and even felt. Lately she has started using different kind of papers and torn fragments of newspaper in her lacy, transparent pieces in effort to develop the same theme in various ways.  She won several prizes on prestigious international and Hungarian exhibitions.

emily halvorsen
Emily Halvorsen - screenprinting with natural dyes
Emily Halvorsen is a textile artist and dyer from Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington(US). She has participated in several juried and group shows in the US and in northern Europe. Emily trained as a dyer with Michele Wipplinger and uses natural dye extracts and organic raw materials in her work. The primary focus is on knitted structures (made on a hand manipulated knitting machine) that is then dyed and printed. The pieces are wall hangings, sculptural objects, shawls and other clothing. Emily teaches traditional dyeing using both dried natural dyes and the extracts for dyeing, printing and painting. For more information look at

Cherilyn Martin 
Cherilyn Martin - encaustic monotypes
English born Cherilyn Martin graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a B.A. in Embroidery. After further studying at Bristol University and gaining experience teaching at Art College and in Adult Education, she moved to the Netherlands, where she currently lives with her family. Cherilyn uses the textile medium to portray her affinity with antiquity and tactile remnants of the past. She has developed an individual style through combining a passion for exploring the use of stitch with her interest in the quilted surface. Richly encrusted surfaces combined with the added dimension of quilting have been a constant feature in her work. Cherilyn is a member of the QUILT ART group.  
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Olga Prins Lukowski 
Olga Prins-Lukowski - cutting with a soldering iron
Autodidact (self-taught) art quilt maker and organizer of the European Art Quilt Exhibitions.
Olga's last works are all inspired by the mathematic forms of crop cicles.

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