Encaustic: A Process of Natural Wonder

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Laura Moriarty (USA)

This 3-day encaustic workshop is all about experimentation. Working with hand tools and using excavational techniques, this class will explore processes which parallel those found in the natural world, such as friction, embedding, heating and cooling, enfolding, fracturing, slippage and erosion. With process as our metaphorical touchstone, we will take a hands-on approach to a number of 2- and 3-dimensional projects intended to lead students to the discovery of curious cause and effect relationships. We will explore how, as in nature, one process generates another; a small shard of scraped paint layers, for example, can be embedded within a larger element, or used as a drawing tool whose mark is offset onto paper. Participants can expect to create a varied collection of specimens, including free-standing sculptural elements, work on panel and monotypes on paper. 

Een bijzondere workshop - niet bepaald de geijkte manier van werken met encaustic - op speciaal verzoek van mij opgezet naar aanleiding van onze ontmoeting in Provincetown en haar inspirerende demonstratie tijdens de onlangs gehouden jaarlijkse Encaustic Conferentie (2017) - met een vakvrouw en kunstenares pur sang. Voertaal Engels!




Inschrijven niet mogelijk

This class will be generously sponsored by both R&F Paints and by Awagami Papers.
However, pls bring spare/extra materials in case we run out of  donated stock:

Encaustic paint *
Encaustic medium pellets*
Soy wax*
and a Variety of washi papers

Also bring 1 AMPERSAND encausticbord  
panel size 8x10" or any other size you want to work on.*


1 Torch for fusing, preferably IWATANI or similar + gaz
alternative for those who fly in: bring your (embossing) heatgun (low Wattage pls )

A variety of Hand Tools for carving, scraping, and mark-making in wax. This can include burnishers of all types, many printmaking and ceramics tools, as well as kitchen and even dental tools. Also  tools for working with clay are good. Catalyst heat-resistant tools, or similar scrapers, for moving paint are also great!

One approx. 5” (12,5 cm)  wide metal paint scraper (widths can vary)

Palette Cups* or Small metal loaf pans or similar for holding melted wax.
Baker’s parchment - flat sheets are preferable, but you can use rolls too
Silicone Mat, no texture is best, small is okay.
3 - 5” Hake brushes*, about 3 each
Nitrile gloves
One small Sumi-E scroll similar to
Yasutomo 6M Hosho Paper 8"x20 Sumi-E Roll 
India Ink 
Soft charcoal (vine)

de workshop prijs is gebaseerd op samenwerken
(steeds 2 personen per smeltplaat)
er kunnen beperkt platen geleend worden( 4 stuks voor 8 personen)

NB - alle materialen gemerkt met een asterix* zijn ter plekke te koop tijdens de les.