Building Layers: Translucency, Mark Making & Texture

4-daagse Encaustic workshop o.l.v. Dietlind Vander Schaaf

This four day workshop offers participants a deeper understanding of how to create paintings that suggest luminosity, optical depth, and dimension while exploring mark making. Instruction will focus on building paintings from the ground up - covering what can be done directly onto a substrate, between layers of medium, and on the surface. Discussions will cover opaque and translucent colors and how to create beautiful glazes, working with various drawing materials including ink, charcoal, Pan Pastel, pencil, graphite, and Pigment Sticks, pulling monoprints, and how to create a smooth even surface. 

Through a unique “wax resist” process, we will incorporate gestural strokes, stamping, folding, batik and resist dyeing on paper that can be incorporated into paintings. We will experiment with using fresh leaves to create stencils on the surface of our paintings that can be accented with R&F Pigment Sticks.

Emphasis will be placed on creating a sense of light, on the balance and weight of composition, and on an exploration of accumulating marks, drawings, and imagery at varying levels. Students will have plenty of time to explore and develop their ideas and visual imagery on multiple panels.


This class will be sponsored by R&F Handmade Paints and Ampersand Art Supply.



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