Encaustic loves Textiles

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Leslie Giuliani (USA)

Encaustic Loves Textile!
Appliqué, Weaving and Soft Books on Encaustiflex

In this class we will explore multiple improvisational and inventive techniques of painting and printing on textile. We will work on Encaustiflex, a highly sensitive, absorbent, rip-proof, flexible textile substrate which will allow us to freely manipulate the works through various paint application and construction processes. In addition, there will be a discussion about the characteristics of paint pigments and the best options for layering and mixing of colors to their best effect in creating deeply complex images. 

We will cover:

  • Planning the printmaking process
  • Tools for mark making and texture
  • Color layering and mixing
  • Stencils with Pan Pastels
  • Collagraph/Relief Printing
  • Xerox Transfers
  • Cold composition using Dur-a-Lar
  • Combining oil and wax on the palette
  • Hand and Machine sewing of paintings
  • Methods for combining prints to create hybrid complex works

Deze workshop is voor alle niveaus geschikt


materialenlijst (zelf meebrengen):

16”x16” R&F Palette (kan beperkt worden geleend)
Encaustic Paints *
Pigment Sticks *
Encaustiflex: Light, Medium and Heavy @ 20-30, 8.5” x11” sheets ***

Pan Pastels
PVA Glue
Acrylic gel medium ***
Soft Brayer ***
Silicone texture tools and scrapers
Natural Bristle Brushes: variety of sizes

Sewing kit with Embroidery Floss, Embroidery Needle and awl
Sewing machine (optional) 
Sharp Fabric-style Scissors
Pinking shears or pinking rotary cutter (optional)
Hole punches (any shape holes)

Piece of ½” Homasote or thick cork to pin into or hammer on
Small High contrast Xerox or laser images for transfers (optional)
- images will be reversed !
1 pad 9”x12” clear Dur-a-Lar (approx.A4 size)***
1 Pad Heavy Yupo***

Chipboard (i.e., backs of used up Sketch pads)
4” cloth paint rollers with handle
Drawing tools of choice: i.e., water-soluble crayons and graphite
Metal scribing and carving tools

*) deze workshop zal gedeeltelijk worden gesponsord door R&F (USA)
maar breng voor de zekerheid je eigen R&F colors en pigment sticks mee.
Deze zijn echter ook te koop tijdens de les zelf

***) deze materialen zijn op de dag zelf te koop in mijn studio.