vol / fullEncaustic Monoprint: Molten Painterly Prints

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Catherine Nash (USA)


Create translucent images utilizing innovative and new techniques of encaustic monoprinting.  Melted pigmented waxes on a hot plate can be transferred to a variety of papers both Western and Japanese to build "washes" and visual textures.  Layer color to achieve rich nuances of tone and depth.  We will investigate how the variables of heat, paint, paper and pressure can affect your results, keeping a notebook with samples of our conclusions as a reference for the future. 

Enhance your prints by experimenting with the use of stencils and masks, subtractive and additive markmaking techniques as well as the ability to enrich the surface with mixed media drawing, wax collage and encaustic painting.  Create textural surfaces, how to produce wax batiks on paper as well as a number of ways to register prints for multiple passes to build the image, and learn how to attach your prints to wooden panels or varied methods to present them free floating.

This is a workshop that offers the opportunity for artists of all levels to gain competence and control in one of the hottest new media. Encaustic is an ancient painting technique dating as far back as the 5th century B.C., but wax monoprinting on paper is brand new! Bring images of your work and Catherine will give you focused one on one time to discover how to dovetail encaustic into your artistic vision to build your body of work. 
Encaustic monoprinting is incredibly fun and creatively satisfying: If you are like her, you'll love that it offers you the chance to work through a lot of ideas quickly with results that offer richness and spontaneity.

sample student work  

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

materiaal lijst

voor wie al werkmateriaal/gereedschap heeft:
* je eigen smeltplaat plus thermometer
* je eigen hot wax art stylus
* 'embossing' heatgun
* metalen lineaal
* R&F 'cake'bakjes om was/paint etc in te smelten
* Encaustic paint blokjes

daarnaast heeft Catherine het volgende opgegeven:
* apron / painting clothes
* metal tweezers
* Xacto knife or utility knife
* small pair of scissors
* rubber wipe out tools, spatula
* small spray water bottle
* 3 to 5 natural bristle brushes such as HAKE and hardware store (1/2, 1, 2 and 3 inches)
* a few of your favourite tools that you love to use
* some of your favourite black/white and colour media for working on paper: graphite pencils or sticks, travel watercolours, brushes for water-media, oil pastels (we can share!?)
* roll of masking tape
* roll of sturdy alu foil
* some mark making tools/items such as: toothbrush, netting or screening, lace doilies, leaves, string, pieces of thin wood, wooden, metal or rubber stamps (without fine details) etc. You do not need all of these - we hope to share too!
* two printing barens for monoprinting **
* do bring a great writing pen, preferably waterproof and a sketchbook for taking notes
* any elements that you know you love to use in general, such as fabric, twines, raffia (but no more than a small bag full)

* photos/images of 5-10 pieces of recent work that you feel represents your direction.  You can print them out or have them on an i-pad.  These works can be in any media...they do not have to just be encaustic.
* a small pouch that holds a variety of papers and other items , for collage, etc.
* old watercolour (not acrylic) paintings on paper (if you have them) that you don't mind ripping up.
* photocopies or photographs of imagery that inspires you.  Do a web search or thumb through your favorite books.  

NB  Wij zullen zorgen voor een variatie van speciaal papier. Dit wordt voor jullie klaargemaakt op verzoek van en door Catherine.
De kosten daarvan worden hoofdelijk omgeslagen. Dit geldt ook voor het encaustic medium (wordt aangemaakt in 1 gezamenlijke waspot)
De printing barens zullen dan ook ter plekke te koop zijn, evenals de HAKE kwasten, de encaustic tools, de wassoorten etc.
De wasblokjes (encaustic paint) zijn persoonlijk en apart aan te schaffen op de dag zelf.

PS - voor wie geen smeltplaat heeft, graag overleg ivm het klaarzetten. Er zijn beperkt platen+thermometers te leen.
het overige gerief dient te worden aangeschaft en kan niet worden geleend.