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4Daagse workshop o.l.v. Lisa Klakulak (USA)

This class focuses on articulation of design/imagery, building surface dimension and free-motion embroidery.

General Description:
Build third dimension off a felted ground fabric through sampling and innovating a variety of wet felting, needle felting and machine stitching techniques. From subtle textural fields to bold protuberances, achieve dimension by partial felt appliqué, fusing pre-constructed fabrics, embedding solid felt forms, needle/wet felting complex felt forms to the surface, and using plastic resists for creating flapped, pocketed, and ridged textures. Additionally, free-motion machine embroidery will be used to crater thick felt and to manipulate thin felt into undulating fabric.

Tentative Schedule:
Day 1:
create pattern/design and imagery through the felting process using partial felts for felt appliqué and felt reverse appliqué to achieve control of textured patterning

Day 2:
embedding solid felt forms between layers of felt and fusing under layers of fabric

Day 3:
needle/wet felting complex and highly dimensional shapes for wet felt attachment to a background

Day 4:
using plastic resists to create surface flaps, caves and ridges

*Free-motion machine embroidery to be demonstrated and discussed throughout the whole course as samples dry
Note: Free-motion embroidery will be applied throughout the course on Day 2-4 when the felt is dry as sewing on wet felt oviously rusts the machines.

This class is for advanced felting level and teaches sampling techniques for building a vast array of surface textures which can be incorporated into a variety of 2D and 3D applications, however it is not a course in product development.

For more information regarding Lisa pls check her website www.strongfelt.com

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Image Disclaimer: images as shown for promotion of the workshop are examples of how learned techniques have been applied in the instructors work and are not representative of work that will be completed in class.

Additional Labfee to be paid to the instructor: around 20 euro  

Participants bring:
optional (can also be ordered from the instructor when you sign up - additional cost involved)
single needle felting tool 40 star
agitation mat 1/16 thick with on one side a cross hatched texture and the other side has 1/16 in ridges 2/16 apart. 

optional(will be for sale @ zijdelings during class)
a good choice of Merino wool tops (min. 5 oz.= 150 gram) in a variety of colours (black, white, red, yellow and blue especialy)
a 6" square thick foam pad for needle felting

*comfortable shoes for standing, a plastic apron, 1/3 of a foam pool noodle or 20" plastic pipe (1"diameter), 2 pieces of small bubbled bubble wrap each 20" x 40", 6 nylon ties (used nylons or thrifted), 2 plastic grocery bags, 1 tall kitchen garbage bag, a yogurt container for holding water, a hand towel and bath towel, regular and small & sharp scissors, hand carders,  a small rotary cutter (the smaller = the more detailed designs) and small cutting mat, a double blade disposable razor w/o moisture strip,

*a sewing machine equipped with droppable feed dogs, a free-motion embroidery foot, and ideally a knee lift to elevate the pressure of the presser foot, extra bobbins(8-10 pcs), sewing thread (a variety of colours -good quality - recommended 50 weight - cotton) and needles (size 70/10 or a multi pack of needles),

*Quantity and Variety at participants discretion: threads and yarns for inclusion in felt and machine embroidery, knit or woven fabrics of any fiber type that are light weight and sheer (able to see your hand through) and/or that are dented and woven loosely enough to easily see the space between the warp and weft