FeltFoldings I: Introduction & Sampling

2-daagse workshop met Andrea Noeske-Porada

During this workshop students learn to create three-dimensional, geometric folding objects made of felt inspired by M. C. Escher's Kaleidocycles, Paul Jackson's origami works and Eric Gjerde's "Water Bomb".

The participants will be guided through the entire development process, from finding and understanding a suitable folding pattern to fold the paper model and converting the model into felt. Andrea Noeske-Porada attaches particular importance to teaching her technique for forming sharp edges and sharp corners. The special features of the manufacturing process in different application areas - object/clothing - or the size of the work are explained. Students will make small scale samples to take home with them as a reference.

This workshop is the ideal introductory course for independent and more complex FeltFoldings.

Sharp-edged geometric forms grow out of a flat surface during the shrinking process and form a relief of repeating spatial structures. Thanks to the special construction of the Felt Foldings, the relatively thin felt that results has an amazing resilience and stability of form. 
*Felt experience is necessary, fun at constructive work is helpful, mathematical understanding is dispensable.

*This workshop can be taken separately,
or booked together with FeltFoldings II

A 10% discount on the fee applies when following all 5 days.

*Spoken language is English


Mee te brengen werkmateriaal:

2 Towels
1 Dish cloth or piece of light cotton fabric
Synthetic net cloth (about 30cmx30cm)
Cake of soap and/or some liquid soap
Felting pear or sprinkler
Small bucket or bowl
Pool noodle 60 - 100 cm long
Rotary cutter - (It is worth buying good quality, with the medium blade. I prefer the rotary cutter from OLFA).
Cutting mat - 30 x 40 cm minimum size (a grit with diagonal lines is helpful)
Metal or Quilter ruler
Regular and small scissors
Sewing thread - strong quality, of any color (will be removed at the end)
Sewing thread - normal or thin quality, the color should matching the wool (stays in the felt)
Sewing needles
Felting needle and needle foam (just in case you have to mend something)
Small flat (not corrugated) nose plier - (f.e. a silversmith tool)
Sketchbook or a few sheets of paper for making sketches
Pencil and eraser

Overig materiaal:

Bubble wrap 2 pieces of 100 cm x 100 cm 

Merino tops  - around 100 - 200 gr.(16 mic - 21 mic) in a variety of colours, minimum 50g /color.(Andrea likes to work with a short stapled merino top but no fleece. Do not worry if you cannot find this on the market. We can work with other fibres, too!)*

Optional (in addition for the very small objects and jewellery only)

Commercial needle felt - approx. 2 pieces of 25 cm x 100 cm. in a contrasting color to the tops.

This needle felt should be either a very thin material or able to be split into slices or mixed merino/silk

Decoration material, like merino/silk tops, silk fibres or other not heavy material

NB wol (merino tops) en naaldvilt zijn evt. ook aan te schaffen ter plekke.
kleuren wel graag vooraf te bestellen in overleg.