Following a Line

3-Daagse workshop o.l.v. Stewart Kelly (UK)

The course encourages participants to develop a personal language through the exploration of combining drawing, colour, paper, fabric, and stitched textiles.

This will be an experimental course, focusing on exploration, and the process of discovery through making. Therefore, the workshop must not be seen as a complete experience, where you will complete a ‘project’, rather you will conclude with ideas, potentials and an expanded tool kit for your own development.

Day 1

Drawing Workshop (Morning).
Over the period of 2 hours you will complete 6 twenty-minute drawing activities exploring line, texture and colour in a sketchbook provided for you (Drawing outdoors weather permitting!).

Exploring Stitch Workshop (Afternoon).
The afternoon workshop will focus on embellishing the drawings from the morning session with hand stitch.

Day 2

Exploring Collage Workshop (Morning).

During this session, you will develop the visual studies generated the previous day using paper and fabric.

Exploring Fabric Collage Workshop (Afternoon).

During this session, you will begin to interpret the work produced during the previous two workshops, including applique, cutwork and fabric manipulation.

Day 3

Exploring Stitch Further Workshop (Morning).

During this session you will develop the fabric collage work produced the previous day using hand and machine (optional) stitch.

Finding a Narrative (Afternoon).

During this session, you will be encouraged to identify themes in your work and use the pieces produced during the previous days to construct 2D designs and 3D shapes.


The course is an ideal opportunity to use recycled materials, or resources you already have, so please do not go to any additional expense! Look around your studio and select materials that you may not normally use. There may be something you have been saving but have not found the right project. Be inventive, material exploration is endless and using incongruous materials can create interesting tensions in your work…


Stewart will provide all the resources and materials for the drawing workshop.**)
Please can you bring hand stitching equipment for the afternoon session including needles, threads and scissors.

We will mainly be working in monochrome (black and white), with the introduction of some natural colours, however, the choice of colour is up to you!

Please be inventive with your choice of threads, consider colour and texture…

In addition, you could consider unconventional materials to work with (i.e. cord or wire).

  • Sewing machine (optional).*
  • Sewing machine threads (optional).
  • Hand stitch equipment.
  • Threads.
  • Needles.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper pieces (variety of texture including card, handmade paper, khadi paper etc. In contrast consider transparencies including acetate, tissue paper, tracing paper to piece and overlay etc.).
  • Fabric pieces (variety of texture including coarse weave, textured, pre-dyed, anything that can be frayed, torn or manipulated. In contrast consider transparencies including cotton, muslin, organza to piece and overlay).
  • Yarns or cord to wrap, twist or couch on to surfaces.

*) If you want to use a sewing machine:
pls bring your own sewing machine, cleaned and well oiled and make sure it works properly.

**)Note: there will be a small labfee for Stewart. to be paid to him in cash.