From 2D to 3D: Transforming Materials with Encaustic & Alchemy

3-Day workshop with Janise Yntema (BE/USA)

Increase your knowledge of what is possible with encaustic exploring two-dimensional mixed media, relief and three-dimensional approaches towards making art with encaustic and found materials. In this 3-day workshop we will work with flora & fauna, minerals & metals and any non-synthetic material that is dear to your heart. Learn how a mixed media approach can enhance encaustic painting, bringing a new dimension to your work.  

With a focus on upcycling and repurposing, materials compatible with encaustic such as dried leaves and alloys will be introduced. Recycled cardboard will form the structures of relief paintings as we transform daily objects into works of art. Found objects will take on new interest as you realize their potential in expanding and extending form and meaning in your work.

During the course, students will master the ability to use encaustic as an encapsulator, both as a paint and binder, as a more sculptural approach towards painting is discovered. Direction will be given towards pacing an artwork, with tips on the development of compositional form.

The importance of sequence will be discussed as students learn structurally sound methods to ‘build’ a painting. The advantages and limitations of combined materials will be considered as archival and safe studio practices are addressed.

A PowerPoint presentation will be included to guide and inspire. Experimentation will be encouraged, and a strong focus on individual support will be given. Students will return to their studios with new inspiration for the possibilities of encaustic in their artistic practices.

Come explore the versatility of encaustic as encapsulator!  
No other art material can produce such intriguing and varied effects!!

Spoken language: English


list of materials will follow

this workshop will be partially sponsored by R&F handmade paints (USA)