Welcome to Zijdelings

Zijdelings was officially founded in 1986 by Karina van Vught. Starting with hand painting on silk, giving courses and selling silks and silk paints. At present the emphasis lays more on Surface Design in general on both natural and synthetic fabrics as well as on Mixed Media and Encaustic.
Textile workshops
Each season a large variety in workshops is offered by professional teachers and/or artists from Holland or abroad. Techniques covered are a.o. painting, screen printing, batik, dyeing, transfer printing, shibori, felting, fulling, punching, mixed media, (art)quilting and embroidery, etc. These classes will be held at the Studio of Zijdelings.

Encaustic workshops
Since a number of years Zijdelings is also offering specialist classes in Encaustic. Inviting professional teachers and/or artists covering a variety of encaustic techniques on wooden cradle panels, paper or textiles such as encaustiflex.  Each season there will be opportunities to work with different wellknown artists from abroad within a professional setting, using quality products mainly from R&F Handmade Paints.
Zijdelings has also a specialist (web)shop on the Dutch part where you can order your fabrics, scarves, fibres, dyes and paints, books/dvd's but also encaustic materials etc. online.
Currently materials need to be ordered via email. 

For questions or if you would like to visit the studio/shop, please contact us by email or phone.

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