Jiyoung Chung (Korea)

Artist bio:

Jiyoung Chung is a painter, mixed media artist and freelance writer who shows her works nationally and internationally. She has developed an innovative method for utilizing a traditional Korean method of papermaking called Joomchi into contemporary art form.  

Jiyoung(B.F.A. Painting from RISD, and M.F.A. Print/Media from Cranbrook Academy of Art) has had numerous solo shows (22 times) in Korea,  Finland, U.S.A. and France also with scheduled ones in U.K. and Australia in 2011.  In 2010 and 2011, she  curated  the  Int'l Korean/ American Joomchi show which toured in Korea and she authored a How-to-Do book titled  "Joomchi & Beyond". Her work is in the permanent collections of Museum of Art & Design, NY. 

For more information pls visit her website www.jiyoungchung.com

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