Jodi Reeb

Artist’s Statement 

Moving between two and three-dimensional forms, Jodi Reeb is constructing paintings and sculptures layer by layer. Jodi is exploring the theme of nature’s cycles using photographs as collage, constructing organic aluminum sculptures and elevated circular paintings.  She is working to develop scale, geometry, spatial relationships, texture and color. These works challenge the visual properties of paintings and sculpture with translucency and dimensionality.   Strong physical elements come from layering and texture using Encaustic paint (beeswax, pigment and damar resin) and metallic paints. 

Her photographic works juxtapose geometry with the softness found in nature. These works challenge the visual properties of translucency and structure using Encaustic paint, aluminum and photo-based paintings. 

The circular paintings identify with references to the round shape; centered, wholeness, sphere, etc. Jodi appreciates the fact that a circle is both an organic and a geometric shape. The attraction for her is the negative space that the circular paintings and organic aluminum sculptures evoke through shadow and space.

Jodi is also painting with enamel and encaustic (beeswax and damar resin) on primed aluminum, bending and twisting the metal into organic forms. She is creating organic wall sculptures that are elevated off the wall that oscillate between painting and sculpture Her goal in this new series of work is for a pushing-pulling, folding-opening and evolving, its parts beginning to take form into something new, connected yet still raw.

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