vol / fullJoomchi-Bojagi Body Ornaments

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Chunghie Lee & Jiyoung Chung (Korea/USA)

Dit is een 3-daagse workshop rondom Joomchi & Bojagi - twee oude technieken uit Korea. Chunghie Lee en Jiyoung Chung, beide afkomstig uit Korea maar deels wonend en werkend in Amerika verzorgen deze cursus. Hieronder de opzet m.b.t. de lesinhoud: 

* BOJAGI  - be exposed to Korean traditional wrapping cloth, get acquainted with its history, usage and its role in Korean society. Learn the techniques of making Bojagis. In the process of applying the technique to modern body ornament art, the challenge comes from seeing things around us in new ways: to see things with the mind; and thus gain an increasing ability to visualize invisible concepts into sketches and works of art. 

*JOOMCHI - is the unique Korean traditional way of making textured and painterly imagery from handmade paper just by using water. The terminology originated from meaning, “making a Joomoney (Pouch in English)”. It creates strong, textural, and painterly surfaces. As time goes, the surface becomes more and more elegant like leather. It can be applied to make self-standing or suspended sculptures, new way of creating painting, surface design, collage making, drawing as well as functional daily life objects like basket, lamp, purse making, etc.  

The first  2 days (one technique per day), students will learn the basic technique in Joomchi and Bojagi making, and then the third day students will create one-of-a-kind body ornaments as their final day project.  This might include a pendant, neck piece, bracelet, etc.  

Zowel Chunghie als Jiyoung hebben eerder bij Zijdelings lesgegeven.

zie http://www.zijdelings.eu/Joomchi-and-Beyond-Korean-handmade-textured-paper.html

en http://www.zijdelings.eu/Pojagi-and-Beyond.html 

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Student Supply List


* 1 Corrugated plastic board (size: smallest 20”x 30”)-

* 1 Used towel (larger than the corrugated plastic boards)
* Waterproof Apron or clothing that can be ruined by dyes(optional)
* one sandwich bag
* a couple of thin lab gloves if your hand is sensitive (optional)
* 3” (7,5 cm) cheap flat paint brush and water container that fits the brush
* Scissors
* Mulberry papers (about 3 sheets Korean HANJI paper (each $6) of complimentary colors per person)  
Jiyoung will bring some for sale - costs to be paid cash to her.


* Stiff organza (silk or cotton/polyester) - available from Karina
* Sewing thread (colorful) and needle or/and Sewing machine 
The workshop could be handsewn and/or machine sewn in which case bring your own sewing machine. 
* Awl, paper punch
* 2-3 Pendant back pins (available for sale from Chunghie)
* Strong adhesive glue for metal (Pendant) and paper / fabric
* Any material that the participant(s) might want to use which previously made (dyed, felted and or so).