Joy Boutrup

My background is an education in textile engineering, specializing in textile chemistry. I have many years experience in conveying the knowledge of structures, properties and applications of textiles. My main activities have applied to the education of textile- and fashion designers at the two design schools in Denmark and in teaching at the school of conservation in Copenhagen.

In these special fields I have been in demand as lecturer and teacher both in Denmark, in the other Scandinavian countries, in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Slovenia. I am there mainly known for my ability to inform about new and old technologies in the textile field in an understandable way and for being instigator in connection with the development of textile art, analysis and -conservation.

My main strength is the ability to analyze structures, develop new methods and techniques and to solve problems in connection with the practical realization of ideas in textile art and conservation.


Textile chemistry
Dyestuff chemistry
Polymer chemistry
Tenside chemistry
Process models, methods
Textile printing and dyeing

Textile technology
Fiber structures and properties, theoretical background for fiber properties
Spinning and yarn properties
Constructions of woven and knitted fabrics (incl. jacquard)
Interaction of fiber, construction and chemical- or mechanical finishing
General knowledge of textile machinery
Historical and contemporary manual methods of textile production

Other fields
Colorimetry, color systems, color communication, recipe calculation
Analysis and testing of textiles
Visual perception, collection of colorways
Construction of repeats and repeat patterns
Stencil production, digital printing
Tailoring and sewing techniques

Textile history
Dyestuff history
Technology history
History of textile patterns, especially printed patterns
Trends and new technology in the textile field

Teaching experience
Large experience in lecturing within the textile field on many levels
Planning, coordinating and executing longer courses
Individual tuition and advising
Planning of educational excursions
Writing of compendia and interactive CD's in English and Danish

General knowledge of programming languages (Basic, Fortran), development of CAD/CAM programs
General knowledge of commercial weaving programs
Routine in Powerpoint, Word and Excel
General use of Indesign and Photoshop for layout and image processing
Experience with database structures and development of smaller databases

Leader experience
Interview of employees
Budgets and accounts
Planning of courses and daily work
Strategies of renewal and progress
Quality control
Safety and working conditions

Speak, read and write English and German
Understand spoken and written Norwegian and Swedish
Read French (especially textile terminology)

International  experience
Invited guest lecturer and teacher in Scandinavia, Holland/Belgium, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia
Cooperate and correspond with teachers and researchers in other countries
Planning and coordination of international workshops
Participation in international conferences

2005                Lector at Designskolen Kolding
2003- 2005       Independent lecturer and researcher
2000-2003        National Museum of Denmark, Conservation Department, Brede
                       Head of Textile, Paper and Leather Conservation
1973-2000        Danmarks Designskole, Copenhagen (tenure) Lecturing on material- and dyestuff chemistry and technology, integrated textile technology and design
1999-               Censor at the School of Conservation, Ministry of Culture
1981-91           Censor at the Textile at the Housekeeping Educations, Ministry of Education
1978 -1980       Suhrs Seminarium, (parallel to Danmarks Designskole)
                       Lecturing on textile and tenside chemistry
1970 -1973       Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nordwest, Krefeld,
                       Research on colour depth formulation and definition
1969                Internship at Dansk Tekstilinstitut
1969                Internship at the National Museum, Department of Conservation, 1 month
1966-67           Dansk Filmtrykkeri A/S

Guest lecturing
2006                Kunsthogskolen I Bergen, Norway
1978 -2004      Designskolen Kolding (yearly, integrated, distributed troughout the year)
2000                Wetterhoff, Hämeen  Ammattikorkeakoulu, Finland
1998, 2002      Nova Scotia College of Arts, Halifax, Canada
1988 -1998      Myndlista og Handidaskolin Islands, Reykjavik (annual courses), Iceland
1981 - 2002     Conservation School, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
1980 - 2000     Kunstfack, Stockholm, (occational courses), Sweden
1980 - 2000      SHKS, Oslo, Norway
1980 - 86         Århus Universitet, Institute for Housekeeping
1994, 95          Lounais-Suomen Kãsi- ja Taideteollisuusoppilaitos, Mynämäki, Finland
1994                SHKS, Bergen, Norway
1993                Kunstindustriskolan, Göteborg, Sweden
1989                University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland

Master Classes at
2006                Tilburg Textiel Museum, Netherlands
2001, 2003      University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
1994 -2001      Penland School of Crafts, (NC)
1998                Tama University of Fine Arts, Tokyo
                       Otsuka College of Design, Tokyo
1998                Tilburg Textiel Museum, Netherlands
1993                Kansas City Art Institute, (MO)
1994- 2004      Penland School of Crafts (NC)

Invited lecturer and leader of workshops at
Nordic Textile Printing Conferences
arranged by the Nordic Schools of Art and Craft
1991                Oslo
1989                Helsinki
1987                Stockholm
1986                Copenhagen

Nordic Conservation Symposium
1998                Fuglsø
1995               Copenhagen
1990                Fuglsø
1985                Fuglsø

Surface Design Conferences
arranged by The Surface Design Association, USA
2005                Kansas City Art Institute(MO)
2003                Kansas City Art Institute(MO)
2000                Kansas City Art Institute (MO)
1997                University of Kansas, Lawrence (KA)
1995                Oregon School of Crafts, Portland (OR)

Other lectures and workshops
2002                Design and Sustainability in Automotive textiles,
                       Borgstena Innovation Board, AB Borgstena Textiles, Sweden
2000                Convergence of the Handweavers Guild of America
                       Nye materialer og metoder, Folkeuniversitetet, Officinet
1999                Sustainable Design, Norsk Form, Oslo                    
                       Batik Conference, Ghent, Belgium
1998                Philadelphia College of Textiles, PA
                       International Textile Symposium, "Shift",
                       National University of Australia,Canberra
1997                Symposium "Materiale og Mening", Danmarks Designskole
1994, 96          International Textile Symposium
                       The University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

1970              Textile engineer (Diploma Engineer) at Fachhochschule Niederrhein, Krefeld, Germany
1984              Pedagogical education at SEL, (Statens Erhvervspaedagogiske Laerereksamen)

Personal data
Danish citizen, born 1946 in Denmark, Lyngby
Married, one daughter, two grandchildren

1980                Tekstiltryk (Textile Printing), Aschehoug (with Maiken Monnerup), danish
1983                Dyrkning af Spisesvampe (Growing eatable mushrooms), Aschehoug, danish
1985- 89          Det Store Hândarbejdsleksikon (Textile craft lexicon), Bonnier, 20 volumes,
                       team of authors, published in French, Swedish and Danish (1995)
1985                Stoftrykkompendie (Print Compendium), De Tekniske Skolers Forlag (with colleagues)
1995                Video, 4x 70 mm., Surface Design Association (with Jason Pollen KAC)
1999                Vævekompendie (Weave Compendium), (with colleagues)

Compendia and Programs at Danmarks Designskole

                        Dyeing, Danish

                        Direct print*, Danish

                        Special Effects in Textile Printing, Danish and English

                        Appendix for Weaving, Danish and English

                        Gauze, Danish and English

                        Color Systems*, Danish

                        Introduction to visuel perception, Danish

                        Repeat Patterns, with CD, Danish and English

                        Chemical resists and mechanical resists*, Danish and English

                        Discharge*, Danish and English

                        Tiles, Danish

* published by Danmarks Designskole

                        Weavejoy, DOS-based weaving program, Danish and English

                        Arm and Texel, programs for data transfer to Arm looms and Texel looms

Corporate member of

                        The Society of Dyers and Colourists (UK)

                        Schweizerische Vereinigung Textil und Chemie (CH).

1997                Designfondens Vitaminpille, Danish Ministry of Culture
                       for disinterested efforts for Danish  textile design

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