Julia Wright

Julia Wright Artist Statement/Bio

Julia Wright is drawn to weathered, organic, irregular forms and the repetition of simple shapes, like clusters of barnacles, knotted tree roots and growth patterns of lichen. Her mixed media textiles pieces suggest fragments of landscape without being figurative. Jewellery techniques such as wire work and shaped metal forms add delicate details, simple organic structures and focal points within stitched textural compositions.
Julia trained in Applied Design at Edinburgh College of Art and has been teaching Textiles and exhibiting her work for over 20 years. Now based in Manchester, England, she records inspiration, through drawing, photography, sampling and creating sketchbooks.



Social media Links

Website- http://www.juliawright.co.uk

Facebook- Julia Wright Jewellery & Textiles

Instagram- @julia_._wright

Twitter- https://twitter.com/juliawjewellery

Pinterest- https://www.pinterest.co.uk/juliawjewellery/julia-wright-jewellery-and-textiles/


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