Katazome on Silk

3-day workshop with Christine van der Heide

Katazome is a Japanese textile technique where you use self-cut stencils and rice paste to print your designs on silk. In the workshop we will print with acid dyes on silk.

The stencils can be very simple or very complicated, cut by hand or with a digital laser cutter.

With the colored rice paste you press the design onto the fabric.
That design is, traditionally in Japan, small and repetitive.  

Designs can be made with of one or more stencils; with two stencils you can already make countless variations by color, placement or order.

During the workshop we will work with acid dyes, these colors will look great on silk.

Katazome is seen as the precursor of contemporary screen printing. Where with screen printing you have to take many steps to prepare a screen and you need a relatively large amount of equipment, at Katazome you can make your own stencils, with which you can get started right away.  

Your design can look Japanese but also modern, such as pop art or graffiti.

In addition, you can also use the rice paste for painting or stamping, creating a freer design.  

In this 3-day workshop you will discover the process as you go and make your own Furoshiki, among other things *  

* A Furoshiki is a kind of traditional Japanese 'wrapping cloth' that is used to wrap gifts or other goods.


There will be a labfee for used dyes etc.

A list of materials to bring will follow closer to the date.

This class is bilingual, Dutch & English, if required.