Layering with Pigment Sticks & Encaustic

3-daagse workshop o.l.v. Wayne Montecalvo(USA)

Pigment Sticks and Encaustic paint each have unique qualities that can be used separately, or combined. Making the most of these characteristics will be the theme throughout this workshop.

Using layering to incorporate other media such as drawings, printed material, digital material, and collaged imagery, as well as objects will be the focal point of the workshop. We will go back and forth between painting on glass using Pigment Sticks, scribing into a wax surface, and inlaying color onto wax using Pigment Sticks and Encaustic paint. Pigment Sticks can also be used as a quick method to produce monoprints without the need for a press.

The workshop will also include ways to make use of the adhesive aspect and the texture building potential of Encaustic paint. Students will build on each technique, the goal being to combine methods that suit each individual’s approach using both mediums. Participants will be encouraged to build up layers of deconstructed and manipulated imagery. We will consider underlying, overlapping, obscuring and even obliterating previous layers of image and mark making, working toward a gradual build up of information and /or images.

Deze workshop is niet voor beginners, basiskennis vereist!


Inschrijven niet mogelijk

This class will be generously sponsored by R&F paints with paints and pigment sticks

but in case we run out of donated stock pls bring your own wax paints and pigment sticks!

Note: Wayne will bring some of his own papers (the ones he prefers to use) and they can be purchased from him.

student list - pls bring the following:

-Panels to work on. Panels coated with encaustic gesso, or prefab encaustic panels. Untreated wood panels are also OK.

-Paper to work on. Any paper for direct Pigment Stick painting can be used if coated with gesso (any gesso).

-Other stuff. Drawings or prints on paper, maps, (any material to collage as long as it is porous, not plastic, film, acetate, etc.)

-For students who wish to work on digital photographs, please bring photos printed on absorbent paper, not RC (coated), or gloss photo papers. 

-Brushes, pencils, crayons, markers, or your favorite drawing tools.

-Gold or silver leaf, scraping tools, burnishers, brayers, masking tape, wax master or tacking iron, small (low wattage) heatgun.

- Cut and polished glass (Wayne uses found window glass cut to size and then softens the cut edges with a sanding stone). This work great for reverse glass painting with Pigment Sticks.

- Plexiglas or acrylic for making quick mono prints using Pigment Sticks.

NB ter plekke zijn R&F wax paints en pigment sticks als ook alle encaustic benodigdheden te koop plus Rives lightweight paper en rijstpapier rollen van PEACOCK.

Er zijn 4 hot palettes van R&F te leen, overleg bij inschrijving svp of je daar gebruik van kunt maken.