Metallic Surfaces with Encaustic

3-Day workshop with Jodi Reeb (USA)

This new and exciting 3-day workshop is designed to expand your toolbox to combine metallic surfaces such as rust, copper, bronze and pewter with your encaustic paintings.

Jodi will demonstrate how to create metallic surfaces in your work using Sophisticated Finishes paint and patinas. The paints contain real metal particles such as iron, copper and bronze. She will also cover different substrates such as Claybord and Encausticbord by Ampersand Art panels.

These finishes create beautiful, rusted and patina affects on many surfaces and can be combined under or over encaustic paint. Jodi will also show how to add a variety of surface treatments including powdered graphite and metal leafing. These surfaces can be layered or be the final finish. The metallic paints bind on porous and non-porous surfaces.  



register & pay after December 15th
the cost/fee will be 500 EURO

materials list will be sent via email closer to the date

pls bring your own R&F Hotpalette if possible
if not, reserve one to use when registering.

this workshop will be partly sponsored by R&F
(encaustic medium/paints/paintsticks/blending medium)