Creative monotypes: No Press Printmaking with Encaustiflex

2-Day workshop with Janise Yntema (Be/USA)

In this 2-day (in-person) workshop students will discover the infinite versatility of printmaking with the encaustic monotype. Artists will be introduced to Encaustiflex, an absorbent micro-fiber paper — allowing the layering of unique textures and effects towards creating image complexity­ — All without the use of a printing press! 

This course will cover a variety of techniques to include the use of suminagashi (Japanese marbling), image transfer, creating a resist, trace monotypes and working with the gel press (gelliplate). We will explore the advantages of both encaustic and pigment stick in developing intricate visual vocabularies through monotype. 

Students will learn how to build graphic histories of mark and mass through additive/reductive approaches using overprinting and masking. We will physically deconstruct and reconstruct our images in furthering our discovery of visual possibilities. 

Archival and safe studio practices will be addressed. Students will learn the secrets of mounting wax-based works, whether for framing behind glass or on panels for display as these works can stand alone or also be incorporated into encaustic paintings.

A PowerPoint presentation will be included to inspire and instruct. Experimentation is encouraged, and a strong focus on individual support will be given. Students will return to their studios with new inspiration ready to be incorporated into their artistic practices. 

Come explore new materials, learn new skills and expand your artistic vocabulary!




Pls bring the following:

Note: pls bring your own R&F hot palette plus thermometer & melting cups
A limited number of palettes can be borrowed. Pls do mention this when signing up.


Encaustiflex - 1 a 2 mtr - available into 2 thicknesses **
approx. 16 pieces (you can print more if time and energy allow!)
cut into (4) 20 x 20 cm sheets
(4) 25 cm x 25 cm sheets
(4) 30 cm x 30 cm sheets

1 Cradle board or panel 20 x 20 cm **
1 Cradle board or panel 30 x 30 cm **

Grey Cardboard 2mm and 1mm for making stencils

10 sheets of high contrast graphic images of different sizes printed onto Laser or Xerox paper (no inkjet) Print in BLACK (all over patterns, and images of your choice)

3 sheets of smaller high contrast graphic images printed onto Laser or Xerox paper (no inkjet) printed in COLOUR (Public domain images can be found on the internet)


A selection of encaustic paint *
Encaustic medium *
R&F Pigment sticks *
Small box Crayola Crayons
A variety of drawing medium of choice compatible with encaustic: Markers, pencils, Sennelier or Windsor & Newton oil sticks, oil pastels, wooden pencils, Caran D'ache, Neocolour wax pastels, conte, charcoal pencils
Pan pastels, if you have them.
Gum Arabic **
Encaustic Gesso *
Acrylic Medium or Acrylic gesso
PVA glue

BRUSHES and Roller
Selection of natural bristle brushes in various widths **
Sponge brushes **
1 foam roller and tray for applying gesso and glue

Burnisher or metal spoon
Brayers (2 or more)
Palette knife
Plastic squeegee
Silicon tools: Catalysts, a selection of flat and ridged tools for mark making
Plexiglass or plastic sheet to be used as an inking palette
Gel press/ Gelliplate for paint stick transfer **
Dura Lar for encaustic transfer **
Various stencils of your choice: (you can cut your own using stencil film)

Plastic Gloves
Roll of kitchen baking paper
Removable painter’s tape
Cutting mat
Ex-acto knife
Mineral Oil
Spray bottle for water
Sponges and paper towel roll
Newspaper for blotting
Hot glue gun

**) these materials are for sale during class (also the Encaustiflex)

*) this workshop will be sponsored by R&F Handmade paints (USA)
with encaustic medium, paints & paintsticks and encaustic gesso.